Intellectual Trap

Posted: 05/12/2015 by zandtao in Insight

I mentioned the shared experience of Unity, and how we can learn by the experiences of others to avoid traps; I mentioned particularly the intellectual trap – the intellectual self. Online the intellect mentioned “insight (analysis)”, and had repeated same previously, this is an ouch. Here are the definitions for insight, by definition it is something separate from analysis:-

• Insight – the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.
• Intuition – a phenomenon of the mind, describes the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason.

As has happened previously reason has appropriated for itself something that is not reason. I had been questioned by this intellect about insight, at the time he did not define his terms; now I can see why – well I knew really.

I had a bad night as I kept waking up thinking about this, I was happy at finding this contradiction. There was clearly ego on my part involved in this. I have battled with intellect all my life, battled the intellects who negate my experience which I describe amongst others as insight. Understandably I have an ego because of the defending. It might be understandable but I have to let go of it. I felt good that the intellect trap of defining terms had trapped the intellect but in reality it has to be very difficult for the intellect; he is older than me as well so even harder. He knows my blog but I think I have the right here, but I will not be confronting him online; it has to be uncomfortable enough for him now.

I have to be more humble, the feelings that kept me awake were not good feelings. I felt good but they were not good feelings. If you look at those feelings properly there was a pleasure – I felt pleasure – because the intellect had been defeated in his own terms. But in reality I should feel empathy because the intellect will have to struggle with his own contradictions, and as intellect is so important to him that struggle has to cause pain. I will not pursue the point, and let him address the issue again if he chooses.

And I have to look at my own pleasure. Remember the grubby times in Sevenoaks, sleep destroyed by drink – then hitting bottom, running to Sale, wandering streets of Sale and Manchester as an empty shell – partly envious at office parties in pubs yet knowing I didn’t belong for the first time, then somehow crawling back to London to that trashy job in Hounslow. I now recall one of the conditions I wanted for that job was that it was not to be academic; still it was, I had discipline but did the job, completely disliked what I was doing, returning to the Chiswick loft, roaming up and down Chiswick High Road, meditating and yoga for the first time just to get through the day, starting with caring with the mongol kids, and after a period of 6 months my life was on track as a housefather and the Arts Centre. I don’t wish that turmoil on anyone, and yet shamefully last night I felt pleasure. At least by the end I was thinking about meditating on humility.

I now realise this blog was about two intellectual traps, one was my own arrogance.

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  1. zandtao says:

    Online answer about insight (analysis):-

    > Intuition – a phenomenon of the mind, describes the ability to acquire
    knowledge without inference or the use of reason.

    Or, is it the use of reasons one isn’t conscious of?
    *If* so, isn’t it better to try to uncover those reasons, and evaluate them?
    (Isn’t that what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy does? Uncover the
    presuppositions one brings to a situation that are causing problems, then
    reframe them?)

  2. zandtao says:

    My reply:-

    How are you?

    “I think that there is a consensus that calm abiding (samadhi) and insight (analysis) should be given equal time.” Based on the definitions I put forward there is a complete contradiction in the term “insight (analysis)”.

    I love your way out “is it the use of reasons one isn’t conscious of?”

    Is this your (escape) clause or is it from studies?

    I am not being sarcastic but am surprised at the openness of an intellectual path to give such a hypothesis. By definition unconscious cannot be defined, and that you define it as unconscious reasoning that leads to insight is also OK because it is consistent. Because of that consistency I now apprehend insight (analysis).

    Of course I obviously don’t agree as I see insight and reason differently, but equally of course and obviously that doesn’t matter – it is just tolerance.

    Whether I attain insight or not, I have a method “my insight meditation” to reach those insights. What is your method for reaching your insights? Something like “your analysis removes self, through logic and deduction, logically determines the next step which you hadn’t previously known, and that next step is insight”?

  3. zandtao says:

    I am less enamoured today of the trick this intellect used. Here is a different post :-

    “I think that there is a consensus that calm abiding (samadhi) and insight
    (analysis) should be given equal time.

    I think that there are two jhanas (as does Bronkhorst, and a few others)
    that were combined into one list-progression.

    The first is the classic emptying the mind; crudely, ‘trance.’ What the
    Buddha learned from Alara and Udakka, and rejected. The second four.

    What he taught were the first four, which is more like insight meditation.
    Achieving a state of extreme mental clarity and focus, then using it to
    analyze things as they actually are.

    Just as an entirely personal note, I prefer analysis; spending time
    mediating I find self-indulgent, lazy, an escapism. Which isn’t to put
    down meditating, just to emphasize analysis.
    Different paths. ;-)”

    The intellect is focussing on the analysis. Using the hypothesis that insight is subconscious reasoning or analysis he is basically saying samadhi and reasoning are given equal time – especially as he does not meditate (as a consequence of his intellectual self in all likelihood). Insight meditation is analysis. “insight meditation. Achieving a state of extreme mental clarity and focus, then using it to analyze things as they actually are.” I am willing to concede this is a different path more out of a recognition of the importance of tolerance but it looks more and more like a sophisticated intellectual self.

    However his knowledge of the study helps others a great deal but this is an intellectual self and as such is dangerous limiting the understanding. I have to be careful how I listen to him. An even greater sadness is that he is limiting his own experience.

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