Meditation 1

Posted: 18/11/2015 by zandtao in Insight, Meditation

No meditation session is typical but I am going to use today’s meditation as a guideline. Perhaps a pattern will emerge that can be used for comparison especially with regards to analytical meditation and relationship to Path. I must say that at the moment meditation is improving but is far from good. I set the time for every session but rarely make it. I want to sit more often but when daily stuff takes over I very rarely settle back down to meditate.

This morning I sat, I was late cos it’s Sunday and I managed a small lie-in before the traffic roar forced me out of my bedroom. I was actually in bed comfortably for nearly 10 hours, a record in this new house.

I am quite excited about this meditation blog. I have always described my meditation as Insight meditation or even Vipassana, but in truth I don’t meditate anything like what I read – until I read analytical meditation and saw similarities.

When I sat down my mind was doing its usual flitting roller coaster, this time it was thinking about meditation and understanding. Slowly it ran itself down and I began to quieten the mind. Then I began to think about cooling, calming and clearing, not just in my head but in all my body. My mind did it usual trips thinking about other stuff but I brought it back to cooling clearing and calming. This went on and I thought about emptiness, the Tao as empty being full, about Buddhadasa’s preference for Voidness as meaning void of atta, Unity and Compassion as Emptiness so is empty truly empty? How can it be? And then how can we know? And left it. I began breathing in sunnata. My mind reminded me of the discussion with the monk where he seemed interested in my technique of breathing in sunnata, and then breathing out compassion. How much do Theravadans focus on giving out? I know I should do more? The Berzin article – HHDL talking of the energy going out as analytical and coming in as stabilising, going out as compassion, coming in as sunnata. Then just compassion and sunnata in and out. ENDED just after 45 minutes.

Notes on this for later comparison

1) The intellectualising on meditation and understanding was not intentional, I never use meditation to analyse although thoughts come up and sometimes Insights come up – meditation knows these as different.
2) Quietening the mind either as clearing cooling or calming always seems to be part of meditation – certainly at the moment.
3) Sitting with the back straight always helps the release of stuff that comes with clearing
4) It is a long time since I have done the sunnata/ karuna thing.

The clouds over Koh Chang look guide, I bet the picture won’t show it:-

Here is a Berzin article called “Discerning and Stablizing Meditations”:-

And the contents or steps:-

• Calming Down
• Listening
• Pondering
• Debate
• Analytic Meditation
• Stabilizing Meditation
• Intellectual, Intuitive, Visceral, and Emotionally-Felt Understandings
• Nonconceptual Understanding

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Ginsukapaapdee, Matriellez.

  1. zandtao says:

    I haven’t followed up on this, which was to be a consideration of the Berzin terms for meditation

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