Jim Carrey – Know your Place?

Posted: 18/06/2014 by zandtao in Insight, ONE planet

I listened to this commencement address speech from Jim Carrey, enjoyed it, and found it inspirational. But underlying his speech there could well be an enormous delusion.

I have never been a Jim Carrey fan, I didn’t find his humour funny. Before listening to this address I had picked up that he had gained some kind of awareness. Good for him.

Then I listened to his talk, and could only think you have picked up good stuff but you are heading for a crash.

I have just had a crash – deservedly so because I don’t know my place. Over the last few years I have grown a sense of invulnerability. It started when I retired early, began to devote myself to study and meditation to a certain extent, and began my diet. The improvement in my health was inspiring, I became Dr Zandtao and treated myself – apart from visits to natural medicine, massage and acupuncture.

I moved to a house in the country – a house in fruit-growing land, and I am unsuited to this lifestyle – except I love it. I cannot fix most stuff, I tried growing and failed, things around the house go unfixed because I don’t know the tradesmen to get up here. Round where I live I have one neighbour who is a friend, I don’t know others. They leave me alone which is fine, there are smiles and greetings but no more – my fault I only speak minimal Thai.

Things started to go awry with the hormones. I developed symptoms of andropause. I assessed that the mb diet did not contain enough fats, changed towards the Mediterranean Diet – Perfect 10, and have felt some improvement in my biorhythms. But the lack of day organisation threw my meditation, and I let myself get out of harmony. And then the big crunch, I sprained my wrist; this culminated the crash – I hope it has come to an end.

A sprained wrist sounds little. Very painful but I assumed it would be a period of time and then it would be back to normal. Foolish. I rested a month, then went for treatment with a good guy for another month, and it is taking a long time. I cannot guarantee a 100% movement. I think the sprain occurred as a consequence of a bigger problem.

I have been driving a motor-bike, it is common here. I had moved to driving a Honda 500 – heavy, and with the sprained wrist I am scared to get on the bike. Living in the country the road access to my house is difficult and without the wrist controling the bike is difficult. The fear has led me to the realisation I need to drive a car; I had been blase enjoying riding the motor-bike, now I am scared. A sensible fear, my body is too old to be playing like that. A big change.

The food, the meditation, the bike, the hormones are all indications of what that fool called arrogance – only it is not arrogance. There is Nature, and there are our places in Nature and we have to harmonise. And this is Jim Carrey. He is in a great place now, and I am a bit envious. But he is not in harmony, he is in the bells and banjoes. Will this wear off? Buddhism talks of this. The world is dukkha, and if we control our minds and accept this then we can have enjoyment. Our minds being in good places bring enjoyment. My mind wasn’t. The arrogance I was criticised of was not about the usual arrogance, it was about my place. Studies, meditation, eating had taken me beyond my place, I was out of harmony. The sprain as a result of losing meditation etc. has brought me down to earth with a bang. This does not invalidate any of the learning, it just means knowing my place. I have to learn about knowing my place.

Where Jim Carrey is at is wonderful, good for him. Will he have to know his place?

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  1. zandtao says:

    I later found out that the sprain was a fracture.

  2. […] experiences as discussed in 5 Gateways. I believe Hindus discuss such rapture as well (see Jim Carrey), but I don’t know Hindu except what is in Buddhism but am not sure of the […]

  3. zandtao says:

    Jim Carrey has supposedly gone crazy this year. It takes guts to say what he said to the people he said it to, but it is deaf ears – and is that wise? Here is the interview that got him the “crazy rep”:-

  4. zandtao says:

    However when you stand up to be counted as Jim did, there are occasional good responses. Here is the response of a US rapper, Prince Ea:-

    Someone on the path stands up, and you learn of other people. Good stuff!

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