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Mandtao 10/12/13

“Your body requires 6 essential nutrient classes for growth, maintenance, and repair of its tissues. These classes are carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Carbohydrates, protein, and fat are the macronutrients. Vitamins, minerals, and water are the micronutrients.” [p96]

Macronutrients 40% carbs, 20% protein, 40% fats.

In the past on diet, I have focused on non-processed. I am guessing my diet was low in fats but I am not sure. I must now look at this balance of macronutrients. I must now look at my diet in terms of carbs protein and fats.

Carbs Proteins Fats
Vegetables Avocadoes/td>
Fruit Eggs
Legumes Butter
Whole Grains olives
animal fats
coconut and palm oil


Good carbs balance insulin, boost glucagon, support thyroid health, and optimize the production of sex hormones and DHEA. All these hormones are essential for you to be fit, radiant, and healthy. Your body needs these good carbs, but we eat far too few of them. [p97]

When you eat low-fiber vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, or beets, do so in moderation. These starchy vegetables should only be eaten by people who exercise regularly, since they can lead to weight gain. [p100]

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, help neutralize dangerous estrogen metabolites in men and women. I must provide a word of caution, however; if you suffer from a sluggish thyroid, be aware that certain vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips, rutabaga, spinach, and watercress), when eaten raw and in large quantities, can block the uptake of iodine. That can aggravate your condition. [p101]

Fruit – Fructose, which is naturally present in fruit, does not negatively affect insulin levels like glucose. Nevertheless, consuming excessive amounts of fructose (like a glass of a fruit juice) in your bloodstream can be as harmful as eating pure sugar, which your body will store as fat if it isn’t quickly burned off. A fruit juice concentrate can contain as much sugar as a can of soda, and a fresh-squeezed glass of juice (which, stripped of its fiber, no longer slows the delivery of sugar to
the blood) can have even more. For this reason, you can eat whole fruits, but you should eliminate fruit juices from your diet. Don’t drink your calories. Chewing takes longer and ultimately provides more satisfaction. [p101]

Which fruits should you eat? I love cantaloupe, cherries, and all kinds of berries on the Perfect 10 Diet. They’re great for weight loss since they are very low in sugar and calories. Oranges are high in vitamin C and can help balance cortisol, making them a great stress-relieving od. Do you like grapes? Wonderful! They’re rich in resveratrol, which is good for your heart. [p102]

Legumes – Legumes should be part of a healthy diet. Try to eat them 3 to 4 times a week. They’re a good source of carbs and also contain small amounts of protein. In fact, legumes are bona fide belly flatteners. [p102] I don’t eat any I’ve just realised. This is not good, he says 3 or 4 times a week.


There is protein in plants. I have mussels and salmon, now with the eggs – plenty of protein but I don’t think too much. Will have to watch it. No doubts – my diet is low fat ie less than 40%.


Makro has given avocadoes, and now olives. If my diet is low in fat then I can take a spoon of coconut oil every day. I do like butter but am suspicious of it. Definitely an egg a day for breakfast, and evening meal fish and salad. What is coconut milk? I think it is healthy fat so that is good. Whilst too much diary is a problem I have no dairy except for the forbidden pizzas. But pizzas are
not good with the refined flour and other refined stuff. Do I want to start healthy cheese again? Smelly cheeses – smelly cheeses from Pattaya or Bkk – so occasionally. On diet when I have eaten forbidden cheese I have not had issues. But that is enough cheese I had some butter today and was not comfortable with it.

Before breakfast I am now having some healthy coconut oil.

“1. Saturated Fat (Excellent)

Saturated fat is found in coconut and palm oils, dairy products, and in animal products to some degree. Probably the single greatest nutritional myth of past decades has been that saturated fat is unhealthy. A huge body of research published in respected medical journals shows the exact opposite is true. Sadly, the majority of people never hear about it.

Eating foods rich in saturated fat, such as eggs and butter, boosts the production (and thereby the effects) of hormones whose structures are built upon cholesterol. These are the steroid hormones, which include the female and male sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Sex hormones keep you looking young, enhance sex drive, and prevent wrinkles and osteoporosis.” [p119]

“Saturated fat is also needed for the production of adrenal sex hormones like DHEA. DHEA is a hormone that prevents autoimmune diseases. It has been linked to longevity and also enhances your sex drive. Imagine the harm you’re doing to yourself when you deprive your body of these good fats.” And now to win the droop brigade:- “As you incorporate saturated fat back into your diet, don’t be ashamed or surprised if your sexual partner starts to complain about your high sex drive. That’s a sign of good sex hormones levels.” [p120]

“Saturated fat is also needed for the proper functioning of your cells. Saturated fat improves the body’s proper absorption and conversion of essential fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids. Saturated fat is also needed for calcium to be deposited into the bones.” [p120]

I note two things from this ([p119]). Saturated fats are found in animal products to some degree, so in view of the problems of antibiotics this minimal healthy fat can be ignored. But they can be found in dairy products, so the question comes back “where can I get healthy dairy products?” The answer to that cannot change – western shopping in Bkk and Pattaya – maybe mail order? So it leads to another question, assuming 40% fats is right where do the Thais get their fat? Kanom – sweets. Mango black sticky rice and coconut milk. Problem – Thai people are getting fat. It is not just westernisation so have to be careful of “kanom”. How much do they use palm oil? Where is good palm oil?

“Cocoa butter is a saturated fat found in cocoa beans and is used for making chocolate. Eat some dark chocolate made with cocoa butter. It will help you feel full. Chocolate is made out of the cocoa butter and the cacao beans. The beans lost their name cacao in translation and became cocoa. On the Perfect 10 Diet, look for organic dark chocolate that is at least 70 percent cocoa. The higher the percentage of cocoa found in chocolate, the better it is for your cardiovascular health. Just be vigilant about the chocolate’s sugar content.” [p123] How can I find this? I have raw cacao beans – use them more. Maybe check for some dark chocolate although it will probably be sugar chocolate.

Back on the butter. Much of the cheese has to be dismissed because it is rubber cheese – processed. So what is the harmful stuff with butter processing? OK the milk will be crap – pasteurised, but all the cheese will use pasteurised milk. Rubber cheese looks shit, is that a judge? Should I check if it bounces? 🙂 🙂 Not serious.

Glycemic Index (GI):-

This guy sees white food as worse than sugars and he hates sugars – interesting; he discusses the Glycemic Index [p99]. Good carbs, veg, fruit and whole grains, have low GI; interestingly for mb potatoes has high GI. High GI means sugar therefore more insulin thus inhibiting glucagon leading to fat.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.
Blogs:- Ginsukapaapdee, Matriellez.

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