Crossroads Irritation

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Mandtao 3/2/13

I have just skim-watched “Crossroads: Labor Pains of a new worldview” and struggled through it. Yet another crossroads that a group of intellectuals or spirituals claim the world is meeting. To be honest my bias almost gave up on it. Then add the other failure of such intellectualism, the failure to recognise that the world does not change with ideas, it changes through power. There is a particular intellectual forlorn hope known as the tipping point. Basically an idea that has less than 10% of the world as adherents has no currency, more than 10% and people take it up. Here is an idea:-

The 1% control the world and 100% should control it, let’s call the idea democracy.

Why isn’t it happening? Because less than 10% of the world believe in democracy? Not at all. But because those in power manipulate that power so that the idea doesn’t happen. Some ideas might become currency if they do not affect those in power. But this movie was about a global crossroads, who has the power, and the effects of that power. So tipping points with regards to this are hogwash. To deal with that problem we need awareness of the ways of influence of the 1%, and certainly at the beginning this movie did not offer that awareness.

As usual in such films the propounders of the crossroads have been personally successful to some extent, writing books, academic positions and so on. As with my own situation as a teacher they have accepted some kind of compromise to earn their living, and any such compromise, including my own, allows the 1% to manipulate the power. Recognition of this compromise is also not part of the film, and we have a typical scenario of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed idealists presenting ideas as if the world only has to recognise these ideas and everything will be hunky-dory.

As an example of the groundswell that is leading to global change, they began with this short clip:-

January – Tunisia
February – Egypt
March – Spain
May – Greece
India – August

Lost the ability to manage the people? So examine these countries now, what is the state of change there? The repression, the 1%, has changed hue but not substance. I am not belittling the struggles of these comrades, their fights are powerful and the people deserve respect; but 10% tipping point idealism has got nothing to do with what is happening there. Are these struggles not managed? These people are confronting the 1% and the 1% minions through the army or the police are repressing them; this is the reality. The movie’s intellectuals need to face the reality, recognise how much their own compromises help create this reality and begin to face the real struggle. It is far from a struggle of ideas, it is about power. These same intellectuals wield some power as it is their creativity which is often the backbone of academic institutions and publishers that 1% minions exploit. Turn around and tell them, do something within your own compromise and not leave it to others.

There is also something worth considering, and that is subterfuge – a type of false flag. Over the years the 1% have always recognised how academia and reason can be used to maintain their own (1%) position of power. By repeatedly talking about ideas and reason intellectuals can convince themselves and others that those are the precursors of change, and rather than using their positions to the benefit of humanity they simply propagate ideas, their intellectualism deflecting focus away from the power of the 1% onto the supposed transformational ability of ideas. Be clear, ideas create change only if the powerful let them do so – unless there is a powerful mass revolution (a mass far more than the 10% tipping point). This film could be such a diversion – a false hope. Throughout the world young people are growing up to a realisation that the enemy is the 1%. Whilst the level of awareness of this inimical 1% is not high it must be worrying for those in power. The 1% response is not tolerant, peaceful demonstrations globally are repressed violently in a way that has not been seen since the anti-war protests of the 60s, a time when the establishment must also have felt under threat. Beginning a movie on unity with a message that the problem lies with the people only, that the people are in conflict, and that the people are going through a change suggests change can happen through ideas and ignores the immense power that is being used to prevent change.

On this false focus theme I am going to raise a further possible scenario, one that leaves me open to accusations about anti-Israeli racism. Let me first state a position I hold but cannot substantiate. The power bloc that is the 1% possibly has Bilderberg group connections, certainly has business connections including Jewish, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and so on. By recognising this am I being racist? Of course the 1% power bloc would say so. There are good Israeli people as there are good people of all nationalities, but are all nationalities part of the 1%? Here is a description from his website:-

“Joseph Ohayon is a filmmaker, writer and speaker based in Israel and New York.

“Known for his relentless quest to put pieces together and look at the big picture, Joseph directs, writes, and hosts documentaries and talk shows on Israeli television. Joseph also lectures for the ARI Institute to help raise awareness of today’s global challenges and the need to adapt to an increasingly interdependent world.” It is significant that in the movie there are no attacks on the US government nor on the Israeli government, and as I have said an intellectual focus that does not rest on the 1%. Where does this free movie get its funds from?

Even though the 1% are so powerful that is no excuse for apathy, we must agitate for change.

Having got that off my chest there is much in the movie that is helpful and positive and worth considering as primarily the movie addresses the notion that we are all one, and that the crossroads we need to face is that we remove separation and unite.

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