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Posted: 31/03/2014 by zandtao in Mandtao, ONE planet

On 20/4/12 I started the Mandtao blog. Below you can read the first post “This is Mandtao” to see why I started it. However it has not worked out so I am transferring all Mandtao blogs to this Zandtao blog – (I have just started to look at the task I have set myself – aaaggh!!):-

Notes about Mandtao blogs:- All the books I have used in the Mandtao blog are in one zip-file, 4-shared zapped the old links. The list of posts page has been updated but the old Mandtao blog (links below) will remain available until wordpress elbows it!!

This is Mandtao

What is life? What is man? What is knowledge? What is science? ONE planet for sure. But how does ONE planet connect with science? Such questions are discussed esoterically in religion but are marginalised in science. Is the spectre of 1% here? Or it it just ignorance? Or is it even ignorance?

As part of my ongoing journey I came across Bruce Lipton – as discussed in Zandtao here. Following an insight, throughout his life Bruce has been exposing the invalidity of the central dogma of biology, that genes control man. My mind spun on this, and I started to delve more into his work. Then my net spread to old favourites, Fritjov Capra’s “Tao of Physics” and Gary Zukav’s “Dancing Wu Li Masters”. I soon realised this was not about coming to terms with Bruce and his work, but coming to terms with my understanding of knowledge and religion as integrated through man. That is Mandtao.

Zandtao is a blog concerning the treatise, and the treatise is concerned with what to do both in terms of your own actions and how to relate to society. It is about compassion, insight and the 1%. The treatise is almost complete but it needs work. It started from the personal, moved to the political – and that meant political freedom coming back then to what is personal freedom. So ultimately the treatise is about how to be free. Zandtao is a methodology of freedom. And that freedom comes from awareness, and awareness will continue to be the essence of that blog.

Yet whilst methodology – what to do – is fundamental, it is not asking the fundamental questions about knowledge. Mandtao is, Mandtao is asking “what is” – I hope I can find some answers.

Here is the list of posts and resources for Mandtao – old links. The links on the List of Posts for Zandtao has been updated.
2013 – Jump to Posts for February Posts for June Posts for November Posts for December
Movies Bibliography Pages
2012 – Jump to Posts for April Posts for May Posts for September Posts for December


Cheese and butter solved10/12/13
Caveat – The Perfect 1010/12/13 About the 10 hormones10/12/13 Perfect 10 nutrition10/12/13
Perfect 1014/11/13 Connecting – chakras, glands etc.16/11/13 Two Chakra Triangles16/11/13
4 Characteristics of mind15/6/13
Reason, danger in Vedanta9/2/13
ONE planet – school of people3/2/13 Unity despite the 1%3/2/13 Elder Brothers9/2/13
Crossroads Irritation3/2/13 Creativity and Imagination3/2/13 Interdependence3/2/13
Silence then Unity4/12/12 Ignorance8/12/12 Unity as axiom20/12/2012
Superior Human?22/9/12
A Scientist/07/05/12
Free for a worldview?/01/5/12 Understanding 1% awareness/01/05/12 Paradigm/02/05/12
Academic failure/30/4/12
Tao of Physics – knocked back/24/4/12 Mandtao so far/26/4/12 Bruce and the Cancer Establishment/30/4/12
Axioms/21/4/12 Brain of a Cell/21/4/12 Don’t cowtow to science/21/4/12
Biology of Belief/21/4/12 Science – Establishment or Proof?/21/4/12 First Thoughts on Bruce/21/4/12


This section gives you links to pages where you can download movies referred to somewhere on the blog. Most of these movies now have two sets of links for download.
Movie Link
Biology of Perception link
Community Building link
Comment A discussion with Thay on the platform ostensibly about the environment but which focussed on community building.
One the Movie link
Tapped link
Comment This is just about bottled water. Starting with the damage that collecting the water does to the local environment and the local residents, it moves across into the plastic bottles. The manufacture of these bottles creates environmental health problems near the production factories. Then business complains that someone else does not collect the bottles, and finally we see where the plastics end up. Profits that make me sick, deeply sick.
Why we fight link


Biology of Belief link
Comment:- Written by Bruce Lipton this book looks into the implications of his insight into the central dogma.
Consciousness in a Single Atom link
Comment:- Audio Book read by Richard Gere describing HHDL’s interaction with science.
Dancing Wu Li Masters link
Comment:- Written by Gary Zukav
A Study in Consciousness link
Comment:- Written by Annie Besant
Tao of Physics link
Comment:- Written by Fritjof Capra
Hidden Connections link
Comment:- Written by Fritjof Capra (not complete pp1-285)
Web of Life link
Comment:- Written by Fritjof Capra

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Ginsukapaapdee, Mandtao, Matriellez.

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