Where am I?

Posted: 26/03/2014 by zandtao in Uncategorized

Just a brief note.

I am blogging almost daily about Thailand. I have made the blog private as the troubles in Thailand led to deaths the other week, and I began the blog with a post “not fanning the flames”. Even less of a point writing it than blogs which have one or less readers!!

I am also writing the “Arico Chronicles”

  1. naivelysage says:

    I post to my blog as notes for myself rather than for anyone else. If there is something I want to share with others I use Facebook. The ‘Arico Chronicles’ is a work of scifi I presume.

  2. zandtao says:

    I suppose my blog is similar. There are times when I have written for the record. But the rest – not sure:-

    Type 1 – An insight arises during meditation. Often such insights remain in my mind but not completely active, the blogging is a needed process of putting meat on the bones.

    Type 2 – As part of my studies on the Path I will read a book. Often that reading triggers a response and I blog. I am especially fond of doing this at the beach and always take my computer there – mostly I read on the computer now.

    Type 3 – Politics. I get clips and newsletters, sometimes these things get to me and I write about them. Thailand got to me like that – maybe it is more a part of me than I thought. I started a facebook thread, then the kids were killed in Saen Tung and Bangkok. It made me feel bad that I was adding to the fire being stoked. What is being done to the people of Thailand is not good. I couldn’t leave it alone so I started the private blog.

    Arico Chronicles is scifi – as usual, 16000 words so far but nothing online yet. I did write a book and a half a couple of years after I retired – http://zandtao.com/wai/index.html – but the second book is inactive – needs revitalising. I spent much time studying so the book fell aside. I was concentrating more on writing the Treatise of Zandtao.

    Last week I had a serious row with a westerner travelling – I let him get close to me and then had a major ego battle. It reminded me of the intellectual egos I left behind when I moved here. So maybe Thailand has crept onto me more as my home now – even though I live alone and cannot speak the language.

    Hope you and Sandy are keeping well.

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