1% alive and well

Posted: 25/01/2014 by zandtao in Democracy, Insight, ONE planet, Struggle

People still speak about the power of government. They attack the government blaming the government for what is happening. The governments are employed puppets, and their individual payment depends on how much they do for the 1% – look at Tony Blair. The struggle is not just against government but also in the workplace. Against the government we can make their lives uncomfortable and perhaps change some policies. But when we force a change they redirect their aims, there cannot be genuine democracy whilst the people in power do not have democracy as their agenda. Politicians need to be trusted to act in the interest of the people, but they are not they are working for the 1% paying lip-service to democracy and/or morality. Activists cannot mobilise against every action these puppets do. This Trans-pacific partnership (or this) is going to provide huge benefits for the 1%, how can activists mobilise against this? Who even knows what it does? (I don’t).

Trade unions now have little bite. Union action used to be able to halt production lines, but now they just move the plant. But who make sthe decisions to move the plant? Who does the work to provide the bosses with the information? Who researches where such plants are viable? These working people make daily compromises that damage the state of the planet and fellow man. It’s all fair in business is what is killing us, killing the planet. It is individuals who have to find a way to live their lives in conscience – not as puppets. I am a politician, I am a puppet, I am a teacher, I am a puppet, I am middle management, I am a puppet. No I am not a puppet, I am a person of conscience, I live my life by truth and compassion. Foolish rantings, maybe. But sadly it is the only way forward.

I am mainly writing this because this blog can be a resource of recent publications:-

Oxfam have written a report about the 1% – Working for the Few

The Transnational Institute have written State of Power

and have given some infographics:-

Planet Earth Corporate world

Global 0.001%

World’s Richest Men

You don’t have to know these numbers, if you know the 1% you know the truth. But maybe some people pretend they want convincing, in reality they are living with their compromise.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Ginsukapaapdee, Mandtao, Matriellez.

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