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Posted: 02/01/2014 by zandtao in Insight, Struggle, War
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I recently watched Homeland series 3, and found it very gripping. I noted from the beginning of Homeland that it was originally an Israeli series so was prepared for propoganda. Undoubtedly throughout the series there was such propoganda, primarily anti-Islam. There is a subtle distinction drawn in the rhetoric of western governments that it is Islamic terrorists that they are targetting. But when you see the actions of the western military this is clearly not the case. When you see the rise in Islamophobia since 9/11 you can see what the reality is.

Since the post-war creation of Israel the country’s media has developed an anti-Arab position. Their target is Arabia, and more recently has moved beyond the Arab world – to the wider Muslim world starting with Iran. The Israeli view presented through their propoganda is that the Muslim world is the aggressor. They then claim that the media is biased against them, and as far as I know the majority of Israelis accept this. The power and influence of the Israeli lobby in the West is such that many westerners believe similar. Personally I have no doubts at all that the aggressors in the Middle East are the Zionist regime backed by international business – the 1%. On such matters I will not be able to persuade you nor will I try to. I would ask only that you read widely and use insight, not emotion, to reflect on what you read.

Homeland is anti-Islam, and not anti-terrorist. At the time that Brody was a bomber, his preparation for bombing was the prayer mat. What association does that bring? I have heard racism that Muslims are happy to die as suicide bombers because in heaven they will be heroes. No-one is happy to commit suicide, in the same way no-one is happy to go to war. They see it as duty or moral imperative. What imperative drives someone to commit suicide? They must feel so desperate.

In this 3rd series I ask “what do you think of Venezuela?” It’s a half-built slum run by crooks who can shoot Imams. I have never been to Caracas. It is a country I am interested in because of democratic advances made as described in this film Beyond Elections – and others. When I listened to the background noise of Caracas I heard an Arab city. Did you hear that, or is just me? What associations are we being asked to draw?

If I analyse Homeland too much paranoia could be perceived. I don’t want that perception (I am not paranoid!!! ) nor am I encouraging such analysis. Analysis is a waste of time without sound insight as a base. Homeland was gripping, good television, at least I thought so. More and more it seems to me what is coming out in mainstream media and movies is that they are better made and more gripping. I suppose it is only natural that this happens. The entertainment industry is getting more and more powerful, and I would suggest that this influence is being recognised more and more by the 1%; as such there is more investment in that influence. The quality of the programmes in their terms as described by words such as gripping must come from experience as workers learn more about their craft. Through the media I would suggest that it is impossible to analyse the truth, what is needed is insight – discernment based on insight.

Here is a documentary called Subconscious war (download or watch):-

. For me this clearly shows that war is being presented as acceptable to western culture. Drones are the most heinous weapons, and with video games drone operators are being trained. If a young “patriot” is already into “shoot-em-up”, it takes little indoctrination to accept atrocity by drone. It just needs the people to be quiet for this to happen; there will always be a few who will operate such machines, but the people don’t have to be quiet. Insight can never be a solution for the drone operators, media and indoctrination of the few is way too powerful. But maybe insight is enough for the rest. The 1% control the media, there is no way that we can ever consider the media as offering balanced debate – no matter how much the presenters delude themselves. We have to see through this process, and we have a tool for that – insight. We will never be taught this insight, any efforts at mainstream teaching of insight will be appropriated and diverted. But it is not something that can be taught, it can only be learnt through experience – travel – and brought more under control by meditation. Insight.

Here is a more analytical view of what is happening, Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent:-

His analysis of neo-liberalism and the media is very clear and inarguable. So why do people disagree? Emotional reasons, prior beliefs, indoctrination. It would take a world of Chomskys to make those people believe, and then there would only be agreement because the majority say. We need to see analysis, but without the insight the analysis will just pass us by. Don’t get hooked on analysis, intellectualism, a set of beliefs as a means of overcoming what we are subjected to, they will never work. Insight is the only thing that has a chance of working.


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