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Be skeptical, learn to listen (The 5th Agreement)

The truth is silent knowledge, it just is. There are no words to describe that , because once you describe the truth it is not true – it is an idea.

So how do we live with this? And the answer is to learn to listen to this truth. Be skeptical means not accepting any of the stories, illusions, beliefs and lies that make up the contents of your mind. These contents are not truth. Even such an obvious description of society as the 1% are exploiting the world needs questioning. It needs updating, what we think of as 1%, exploiting etc all needs updating, they constantly change. What is your relationship to this description? Does this change? You need to learn to listen to what is happening around you and ask questions.

When someone argues with you about the 1%, learn to listen. Why do they choose not to understand such an obvious description? Maybe it is fear. They have their homes and families, so recognising that their security is based on a group of people exploiting the poor and destitute of the world is perhaps too difficult to come to terms with; after all they only want a home and family. Listen, maybe they do agree but can’t say.

Maybe they can’t agree with you because of what you would expect of them. The 1% exploit, my home comes from their exploitation, I cannot give up my home and my family, what do you want me to do? Listen, find where you agree and be satisified with that. It is not the agreement that matters – the agreement is only an idea. It is the questioning, the listening together.

Trying to understand the dream of the other person, trying to understand their traps, trying to understand their delusions, this is discussion – learn to listen and question together. We must all compromise with the 1%, as they control the currency. Learning to listen to how another compromises, how their compassion and insight works, this is discussion. And if discussion is conducted in this way then maybe when the person is not comfortable with their compromise they will talk to you. The world we live in can be a great source of suffering, for most this suffering comes from subscribing to the system the 1% has created. Even the 1% are caught in the world of suffering they create eg Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada. Don’t envy the 1%, they are not happy. They have their own traps, they are caught in their own power games, their own demands for more money, their lifestyle has stresses around striving for money and power. Listen to these people when they talk, and ask yourself if you were saying that would you be happy?

Listen and question, these are such great sources of happiness because we can learn and see through all the false demons we erect as deities, all the ideas we create as belief-traps, all the beliefs about ourselves that we also create as false images of ourselves. I am this person, I must live up to this image, I must behave this way, where is the freedom in these traps? Look at your behaviour and listen to your mind as it observes your behaviour. Are you free from the chattering of your own mind?

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