Integrating Insight

Posted: 24/12/2013 by zandtao in Insight

Our minds are extremely powerful and much of their capabilities remain untapped. This is generally accepted but what is unclear is what that tapping means.

Historically I can conceive of times in which the powers of man had been “tapped”. I can conceive of a time in which such powers were much more in daily use. Images of Atlantis and Atlantean powers touch the imagination. The powers of Leadbetter and his patronising “believe in them because I tell you” ring through when I consider powers.

But what has to be understood is that these powers are natural, and when Nature wants to give you these powers Nature will do so. Personally we need to be ready to control the power we have, and for the majority of the people in the world today Nature has “decreed” that such powers are best left dormant. I could imagine when people are more aware of their own Paths and able to cope with such additional awareness the human abilities that come in as “powers” will manifest.

India is a place that smacks of “glamour”. Glamour is a term I came across years ago (I vaguely remember a book called “Glamour” by Frederic Lionel but have not been able to confirm its existence), and it was used to describe powers that were associated with the Path and spiritual awareness, for some description of this glamour you could search for siddhis in wikipedia. Far too many on the Path, including myself to a small extent, dreamed of such powers, and rather than learning about the discipline of the Path were seeking power through the Path. This came to me in Greece. I was on holiday and I was reading one of the Seth books by Jane Roberts. To me this was a book about glamour, and I was staying in a hotel imagining in an earlier life I was a Greek warrior wandering down the mountain passed my hotel to the sea. This was a preoccupation, that thankfully that holiday I eschewed; that was the holiday I eschewed Glamour. I remember previously reading Alisteir Crowley’s book “Diary of a Drug Fiend”. It was a powerful book, and I got hooked into it – it was enthralling. I began to think I should try the stuff, and when I realised I was thinking that I stopped reading; it was trapping me. This dark side can sneak up on you in so many ways, it has power you have to be so careful. And how does it suck you in? Ego. It says you can control the drug, take it you will be in control. I could never control the booze, how can I can control more addictive stuff?

Dreaming of power (controlling drug abuse) of course is a delusion of the ego. I am not saying that people cannot subvert spiritual disciplines such as meditation and yoga so that they can attain powers, but I am asking “is that what Nature intended?”

If such powers come to me through meditation and insight, albeit. There will presumably be a reason although I can’t see why at the moment. I don’t want to be rich I want to be happy. I might be able to become rich if I invested time and effort in trying to become rich, but that will be time that could have been more beneficially spent on the Path. That is the point. I could say exactly the same about powers, focussing on powers would be taking my energy away from the Path, away from Peace.

In our messed-up world I believe people can use drugs to mess around with these powers – personally I haven’t done this so I don’t know for sure. I believe that people can waken these powers from Nature’s dormancy through drugs and/or other focusses that are not Path. But what happens when they do? These awakened siddhis are not under control, they are not integrated into the human awareness because they were not developed on the Path. As a result they disturb the people who have dabbled with them. I could imagine this could have disastrous consequences.

There is always hope for such people – insight. They can always return to the Path, and the Path through Insight will give them back control. Insight is the Natural tool of control.

But if I had such a power would I want to subjugate it to insight? I suspect not. My ego would want to attach to such powers, and would deride those without. So it is unlikely they will listen to their inner voices who would scream for balance and control through insight.

But maybe.

Insight is not only capable of controlling powers, it can control emotion. Anger is an issue I have always had to contend with. I grew up an Angry Young Man. Why was I angry? I had to work in a system that was so far from the Path, and my ego was too important to accept what everyone else accepts. This is dukkha, and we have to do it so why be angry? But I was always too egotistical believing that because I was right I could be angry with others. This made for a nasty person especially when young. We have no right to treat others badly no matter how we judge their Path or lack of. People live their lives the way they do, that is their being. Accept this. Don’t ignore reality, don’t ignore this is a world whose system is run for the purpose of accumulating profits for the 1%. But don’t demand change, that is brickwalling. Work for change but don’t expect it. Work for change because you are happy working for change – then it is your Path. But if it makes you unhappy it is not your Path, Path is the benchmark – the measurer, and how do you recognise that measure – the HQ – Happiness Quotient.

Emotions, siddhis, glamour, they are not happiness. If they come along observe and move on, integrate them with insight into your Path of happiness.

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