Peddling ADD pills

Posted: 22/12/2013 by zandtao in Big Pharma, Education, Health

I am not a believer in the condition ADD or ADHD – I must state that before I write anything. At one stage in the Democracy Now talks below, Gabor Mate talks of students with concentration problems previously being described as “bad”, one of my standard report comments would have been “needs to learn to concentrate more” – not that they were “bad”. But if they were not concentrating on their work, what were they going to do? Meditate in silence? Concentration is a huge issue, I spend a lot of time trying to come to terms with concentration in meditation and otherwise, it is difficult. BUT I am not ill because I cannot concentrate at the drop of a hat, that is just a human inability – an inability to concentrate.

So Democracy Now discussed “the selling of ADD”:-

Download Part 1 begins at 29.44 mins Download part 2

Democracy Now is a political programme and within those terms presents the political dimensions of the problem. But what about the personal? Do people/students/children who have difficulties with concentration in general have a problem? I would suggest not. Concentration is something we learn as we grow up. I went to a catholic primary school, and I remember a dowager who made us sit still and learn. Her methods might not have been contemporary but we had to learn concentration – I am grateful to her. I do part-time teaching here in Thailand, and there is a rigid discipline maintained by a less severe older teacher. So the students have some abilities to concentrate. (This discipline was not created at my last Thai school.) If we are not forced into a situation where we need to concentrate, when do we learn concentration? OK it doesn’t have to be force, and perhaps learning to concentrate when there is bedlam in a classroom leads to greater concentration. But to concentrate in silence is so much easier, as in the silence it is only the mind that distracts – not other students; and other students are a stronger peer distraction.

We have an increase in concentration problems because we have a decrease in classroom discipline. We have a decrease in classroom discipline because corporal punishment has not been replaced. Because it was not replaced teachers are blamed for the decreasing discipline, when institutional rules prevent punitive measures that can lead to discipline; this is not an advocation of corporal punishment it’s an advocation of discipline – discipline as a priority, not liberalism. With the increase in discipline issues we have an increase in concentration problems, and this has allowed BigPharma to peddle pills.

Alan Schwartz has written a number of New York Times articles on ADD -the “Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder”, his most recent, I found here – this is the one depicted in the Democracy Now interview. His focus was on BigPharma and inappropriate diagnoses by the medical profession, he often states that some pills might be helpful. In most cases I do not accept this position, if you become dependent on drugs to study when do you learn to concentrate?

Both Democracy Now talks discuss the attitude of BigPharma, and as such is worth knowing. Gabor Mate spoke a number of times about the limitation of the medical establishment to causality through brain biology and the need for this establishment to consider the environmental impact – very Bruce Lipton (discussed at Mandtao – see footers). Such an impact does not provide BigPharma with profits.

I have noted this BigPharma profiteering approach before in discussing Marketing Madness, Psychotropic drugs kill, and in the skit Zandtox – Adult ADD?.

It is worth continuing to note BigPharma’s tricks.

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