Maldives – they won

Posted: 17/11/2013 by zandtao in ONE planet, Struggle

I silently cheered in my chair at home as I saw the headline:-

Maldives swears in new president,

then to my dismay I opened the Al Jazeera article and saw that it wasn’t Nasheed. So after ousting him in a coup, tactically voiding previous elections, creating smear campaigns, appealing to traditional Islamic voters, the Veil puppets have engineered a vote for the establishment. I discussed some of the electoral tactics in a comment update here, and the climate reasons they didn’t want him in the same blog.

No matter how unfair the process has been Nasheed conceded based on the vote without attempting any electoral tactics. A democrat, and because he is concerned about violence. Watch The Island President to see what is being lost.

And as the Maldives sinks under the rising Indian Ocean yet another genuine democrat will sink with her.

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