The family Rehman

Posted: 03/11/2013 by zandtao in Struggle, War

Drones make me ashamed to be British, how can they be happening?

Start with a film, Unmanned, watch it here or download here.

Then this clip from Democracy Now discusses the film with excerpts:-

They also discuss a Pakistani family, the family Rehman, whose grandmother was killed in an open field by a drone strike, the two grandchildren were injured. They were invited to congress to be heard, only 5 representatives out of 535 members attended – but this apparently is good. The clip cut short but there is additional 5 minutes here.

Earlier in the year Democracy Now discussed a leaked report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism; for accurate info on the results of drone attacks goto the Bureau of Investigative Journalism website.


I first discussed drones here, but this blog started with my interest in Malala and asking questions. Will this family get the same publicity as Malala? Malala sits down with Obama, and this family meets 5 from congress!! Is this an indication of propaganda?

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