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Posted: 26/10/2013 by zandtao in Health
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In previous blogs (see tag cloud glands) I have discussed the effect of the glands problems I have been having. In summary this is a problem that has built up over time, that I have overlooked whilst dealing with other healing issues. To handle my hormone problem in general I have had acupuncture treatment (because Chinese medicine recognises the glands as a health issue) but in my last blog I decided I needed to investigate the pineal gland; it was quite revealing. After a second sleepless night I decided that my pineal gland was toxic.

Is this a reasonable thing to say? If I said my liver was toxic it would be considered reasonable. OK the liver’s function is to deal with toxins but it can still become toxic because it has too many to deal with. The kidney does not deal with toxins, can it become toxic? Would you say yes? I would. The body can have too many toxins and they can affect the kidney adversely. Eventually kidneys might have to be removed because those toxins have attracted disease that causes removal. If organs can become toxic why can’t glands? By this reasoning I suggest that saying the pineal gland can become toxic is reasonable.

More importantly why do I say mine is toxic? Firstly I am on a detox at the moment so my body’s different reactions are going to be based around the release of toxins. I have noticed a pressure in the head in the space above the rear of the eyes, this almost turned to a headache in the earlier days of this detox. For the last two nights I have been particularly concerned about the pineal gland – as already recorded. The first night I didn’t sleep well, with various focussing techniques I tried to encourage the body to heal the pineal gland – difficult. I was on the move yesterday, and arrived home 5.00pm. I ate sat down and put the box on. Fell asleep. Woke up and continued watchng. Then began to fall asleep an hour later – it was 9.00pm. As it was my intention to change my bed hours to 10.00 pm to 06.00am, I went to bed thinking I would wake up early; I also hoped to be asleep between 11.00pm and 02.00am the optimum hours for the production of melatonin. I lay down and immediately became awake again. There was a strange feeling in that place above the eyes, it kind of forced me awake.

My recognition of imbalance had already led me to a couple of realisations concerning compassion and creativity. Whilst what I have been doing since retiring has led to insight this insight was not balanced by compassion and creativity as much as perhaps they might be. So I began focussing on both, compassion and then creativity, as a means of balancing the problem (what I now consider to be the pineal gland problem). Helped a little. Eventually I drifted off in the early hours, woke again, then drifted and it was 4.30am. I lay there thinking all kinds of wierdness, it was not rational. And then the realisation came, my pineal gland was toxic and this was part of the detoxing.

What happens when the liver becomes toxic? It loses its ability to function – as the organ that gets rid of toxins. One symptom of liver dysfunction is sleep, and if you have a sleep issue one remedy is turmeric (yellow juice – see Zandtao Health page Zandtao Healing Plan). My pineal gland is dysfunctioning, my sleep is out of balance, and previously melatonin was an issue – low immune system making me susceptible to colds. When I was awake at 4.30 I realised it was not natural, so natural sleeping hours will help. Detoxing is natural, continue detoxing, and use meditation (chakra meditation). I asked the mind to focus on helping the gland to detox, it helped.

Throughout the recent gland issues I think back to China. Whilst there I was very fortunate to be treated by Professor Guo who was as far as I understood Vice -Principal of the TCM teaching hospital in Chengdu. At the time I had just turned 50 so was into the hormone changes. Mostly we discussed stress at work but it is now apparent to me that the treatment was also for hormones. Apart from the appalling problems caused by the manic depressive who was my Principal (and the company and career structure that allowed him to retain his position – at least until after I had gone), I remember the sleeplessness – up all hours and dozing during the day and asleep watching TV. This is the same pattern I have now, it is the same problem – the pineal gland, the yin and yang of melatonin and serotonin. I can remember the same pressure above and behind the eyes, and the same thing going to be tired and waking up.

So this is a problem over time, and it got covered up with the stress at work, then retirement and healing. Until now when the healing process has a year to go for the 7-year replacement plan, with the detox, then natural eating, pH-balance, probiotics, and now hormones. So the pineal is toxic and is detoxing. What must I do? Don’t panic, these things take time. I am 61, hormones have been on the wane for a number of years now, I had the problem 10 years ago in China – it takes time. Seaweed is a must, both for the thyroid and pineal. And maintain the new bed times irrespective. Over time I expect this to settle down.

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  1. zandtao says:

    After the mental disruption at 4.30 I would have no hesitation in recognising a link between hormones the pineal gland and Alzheimer’s. I simply note this, I am not making a personal comment.

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