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Posted: 24/10/2013 by zandtao in Health
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I’m just recovering from perhaps my worst detox experience. It is the end of my second day of the fruit part of the detox. It started OK but not well this morning. I felt a small headache above the bridge of my nose, and I was tired. I slept, woke slept again, and the headache worsened. I began to get a cold sweat, and my body was cold. I slept, and then the headache was worse. Then my stomach became uncomfortable, I almost vomited. I couldn’t sit still, because of the discomfort so I got up and walked in the garden for about half an hour. Eventually I could sit down, I sat and thankfully dropped off.

This could have been a description of a bad migraine that I had all those years – a migraine without the headaches that finally made me blackout. But it wasn’t, it was a description of detox. Yet it is more than that. What am I detoxing at the moment? Hormones. What for me has seemed to be a new problem is a problem that I have had all my life – migraines. I want to be clear here. What I described in the first paragraph are symptoms associated with the migraine, with the worst migraines it was the pain spreading all over my head that was the mainstay of the migraine but with these associated symptoms. I don’t think I experienced these associated symptoms with my early migraines – I recall seeking acupuncture treatment for them when I was 28. But what I am certain of with these above symptoms is that they were definitely present in my later life when I had migraines – but not every time.

There is no way that this is a real migraine, I couldn’t have written this blogentry if it had been. It was detox. Now I have often thought that the migraines were a stress relief, therefore an experience similar to detox; this is some form of confirmation.

Fascinating. I’m going to sleep on it, and hopefully get to understand more.

Day 3 was better but not good – just detox. Day 4 I woke up with what was a potential migraine – starting on the right side of the head. I was very dehydrated, and drank maybe 2 litres and the headache eventually disappeared. I had another low day but OK. Day 5 improved, but still not active; day 6 was active – didn’t know I was on a detox but not lively. That’s where I’m at now – end of day 6. I haven’t felt vital today – can remember feeling so during detox, but I suspect I have to get used to a change in vital level because that is a hormonal change.

Despite all my previous hormonal concerns – thyroid, testosterone and oestrogen, my thoughts are turning more and more to the pineal gland. The thyroid still itches a little. It is hard to judge my general level as I am still on detox but I am not concerned about testosterone levels, I suspect they are sufficient to cope with the oestrogen if I am careful. My thoughts are turning more and more to the disrupted sleep, and therefore melatonin levels. Melatonin is the general revitalising hormone – immune system and more, and is secreted at night via the pineal gland – in the hours of darkness. This darkness is key as it is not 8 hours sleep I need but 8 hours of sleep in darkness. Sleep has always been an issue. When young it was ruined by drink, then by stress until I retired. Then I didn’t care about routine – didn’t have to get up, and slept when I wanted; I thought it didn’t matter. Maybe – since I have lived in the new house in the country I have wanted to get up with the chickens and enjoy the countryside; for a month I did this and then my hours have changed gradually worsening until sometimes up to half my sleeping hours are in daylight. This is not good. If I force myself to bed early often I can’t sleep, give up and do something – mostly wasteful, then waking in the morning I am not ready and sleep again to get the hours – but not the melatonin. Unfortunately medtation does not appear to be helping with this.

I have unbalanced my pineal gland, and it is hard to decide what to do. Food-wise I have started berry concentrate when I go to bed – indiciators say berries help pineal gland, this has had no impact on sleep – either way – although I haven’t tried it long. These berry concentrates are a Thai thing, and I am dubious about them so will need to enlist help to find out. They are marketed to be taken as quick shots of “energy?”. They also have different shots – chicken essence and other essences (mushroom?). Sounds strange, but as yet I am unsure whether I should fault them out.

I have already discussed the notion that hormones are borderline other states (less dense) such as mind and energy. I am beginning to think that my health route is non-physical, I don’t know where that is going to take me. I mean it, I am going to look at what some do for the Third Eye. Whatever that is might help the pineal gland. I don’t like it because of the wierdness associated with those areas, but most people think I am wierd.

So detox so far is reasonably fine after day 2. Why was it bad? I am still not entirely sure. For certain I was in the middle of dealing with an accumulated problem concerning hormones. It had reached the turn of the endocrine system to heal, and that had many many years of build-up. As well it is a while since I have detoxed, it could be 3 years. Between these 2 I am satisfied that they give explanation for the bad day 2 – and the rest. My diet has worsened slightly, but in truth my health hasn’t – until the hormone problem developed. But I don’t feel the necessity to halt that “backsliding” – it is minor, and my general good eating copes. Maybe I am being complacent, but at the moment I don’t think so. However what is certain is that I need to detox more often, whilst I am teaching that will be both holidays – now and beginning of May – just pre-rainy season. Just to note, if I haven’t got a grip on the hormones I will use May as another course of acupuncture as well as the detox diet.

I feel different today. I haven’t finished the detox but don’t feel bad about it. Unfortunately my weight is too high, I thought the diet would have reduced it. So the weight is thyroid – the hormone problem. Maybe I don’t have to be pro-active with the hormones. I started my “mb” diet 6 years ago, maybe year 7 is hormone year as the diet naturally heals the glands. I will focus on seaweed for the thyroid, the berry concentrate for the pineal until I feel it is wasteful, and investigate Third Eye techniques to see if that is a “Hail Mary” approach. But maybe I should just trust my body and ride out the trouble. That last will require discipline, I feel my hormonal balance has disturbed my ability to be disciplined, for some they might perceive in me an improvement because of this. It feels different and I must live with it.

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  1. zandtao says:

    Funnily enough I was talking with a male friend slightly older than me today. In discussion I recognised a number of the same hormone problems. I mentioned it to him but …. However it is a vindication and a description of sadness – men don’t discuss, and don’t try to address the issue.
    As a generalisation.

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