Malala – let’s ask some questions

Posted: 15/10/2013 by zandtao in Education, Insight, Struggle, War

Malala is a well spoken young woman who has been through great difficulty. She is expressing her opinion, and she has a right to do this so what is wrong?

When you begin to ask questions a whole can of worms opens up. Rather than examine why she is saying it for herself, ask why is she getting so much “air time”, why was she being put up for the Peace prize. And you start to see the hand of the drone wars. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism report “Get the Data: Drone Wars”, the details on the Swat Valley are included in the following:-

2012 and 2013

Whether by intention or not Malala is promoting the message that the Taliban are active in the Swat Valley, and we need to do something – drones. Jon Stewart tends to present an anti-imperialist message, so “good-old-lefties” can watch when he breaks down:-

He begins by describing her as an advocate for girls’ education worldwide. Who can argue with that? What impression are we left with? This articulate young woman is heroic, and we must do what we can to protect her against the Taliban so drones are OK. Is that a conclusion that can be drawn?

Did the following get as much publicity? Read article.

A friend/ex-student, Ghada, put me onto this, it is a letter from a Taliban in an individual capacity asking her to return home and promote the interests of Muslim women. What do you make of that letter?

Malala’s publicity has been used by the Telegraph to promote fear of the Taliban in this article and those it references. Is this what she wanted?

My own knowledge of the situation is very limited but what is very clear to me is that the use of drones is wrong. With regards to this discussion that is the only thing that can be categorical, the use of drones is wrong. On everything else I am asking questions as people have the right to do. here is a clip from the Real News Network about drone deaths in Pakistan:-

Here is another question, is it morally correct to manipulate a 16-year-old for your own ends? Is Malala being manipulated to promote the use of drones?

This brings me to a wider point. I have recently criticised a tv series on socialism because it was produced by a neocon. I watched a bit of it, and it made me cringe but I did not offer an academic critique. Why would anyone interested in understanding the mass movement want to promote a neocon’s view? In this world of politics we have to be so careful with what we promote. If my word means anything I have to be careful what I circulate on the net or elsewhere.

On spiritual matters many people are equally blase – ill-considered. The Bhagwan and his followers were involved in criminal activities, so when he gets revamped as Osho, does that mean there is any less criminal involvement? Can anyone be sure that they will not be enticed by Osho’s words to drop from the Path – or follow the Bhagwan’s Path that included criminality?

I have discussed Sogyal and at the time I was greatly interested in him. But then I discover that there are many allegations of sexual misconduct taking advantage of vulnerable women who were seeking psychological counsel from him etc. I will not read his book or promote it again. Why? I cannot be sure I won’t be perversely influenced, I would hope not but I can’t be sure. But I can be sure there are genuine teachers around and I can study them. It is straight forward.

Be sure, don’t dabble.

When we share we are part of a publicity machine. It is essential we take responsibility for that part we promote. How many people who promoted the Malala-Jon Stewart clip would actually want to help promote the use of drones? Did their sharing actually help in such promoting? We all need to be so careful.

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