Gates invests in vegan meat

Posted: 13/10/2013 by zandtao in Big Food, Health, ONE planet
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I read this article about Bill Gates at Organic Authroity, and alarm bells started ringing.

This is very difficult. To begin with we want to hear of business investment in organic produce, but cynically (realistically?) my first reaction was “What is Bill Gates up to?” I particularly have a problem with the business foundations in education – Bill Gates is no exception, for their PR read wikipedia “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. With regards to food my concern is that they have been pioneering GM products in Africa under the guise of fighting poverty, here is their PR on that. I found discussion revolving around AID as donation between Bill Gates and Dambiso Moyo. It reminds me of a book “Aid, Rhetoric and Reality” by Teresa Hayter and Catharine Watson, and an underlying theme for me concerning this supposed AID is that it is business investment for their own aims of profiteering.

Here Natural News discusses the devastating impact of vaccination in Africa – remember the sale of vaccine is a business whatever the arguments about vaccination are. Here is an article from the Guardian about the inappropriate investment in GM through Monsanto and Cargill, and this opinion from the Seattle Times is similar. Some will argue that I am nit-picking about aid and investment, and that every little helps in Africa. The point is this. Africa needs self-sufficiency, and it needs to turn its economic startegies in that direction rather than continuing the financial cycle that sees more money leave Africa than going in, and that is still the case even with all the Foundation investements in so-called poverty relief. This is not a new approach, and has been the practice throughout the neo-colonial eraand Africa’s poverty continues. Leave us alone is the response of responsible Africans such as Dambiso Moyo, but that won’t happen becaus eof the neo-colonial need for resources, markets and cheap labour.

And finally there is the dubious question as to whether vegan meat is actually a healthy option. Over time I have come to a strategy concerning soy products. My main concern with food (I follow a plant-based diet) is the processing, preserving and additions that occur to our foods, a healthy rule of thumb being if it’s not fresh there is a risk. In this category I include processed soy. I use fermented soy products but avoid the use of processed soy – “vegan meat”, I have read of reactions to soy discussed here and here. Whilst I am of the view that this processed soy in whatever guise is better than meat where the animals have been pumped full of chemicals, I do not accept that such foods are healthy. For me investment in such is not beneficial to the poor. In these Gates Notes he discusses an approach concerning these meat substitutes. I was horrifed to see Michael Pollan’s name there, but when you look at his answers they are not very supportive of the Gates’ project.

In my mind I even questioned “Organic Authority”, are they a Gates’ front? I don’t know but I think not. Will promoting Bill Gates and his investement in vegan meat come back to haunt them?

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