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Posted: 14/09/2013 by zandtao in Insight, ONE planet

Be sceptical, learn to listen – don’t believe.

The truth doesn’t need you to believe it; the truth simply is, and it survives whether you believe it or not. Lies need you to believe them. If you don’t believe lies, they don’t survive your skepticism, and they simply disappear.” [p68] (download) Lies disappear if you don’t believe them – I like that. I think this says something about rebirth but I am not sure, does it say rebirth disappears if you don’t believe it? There’s more to ask on that.

All of us tell lies in one way or another, and it’s not because we want to lie. It’s because of what we believe; it’s because of the symbols we learned, and the way we are applying all of those symbols. Once you are aware of this, the fifth agreement makes a lot of sense, and it can make a very big difference in your life.” [p68] (download). It can make a very big difference in your life. Stop believing, they are lies. Truth is beyond belief, it is an experience; it is. When you know something is true, that’s it – end of story; chi exists. But when you believe something your mind can take you all over the place. Inelia Benz? David Icke? Space Barbie? Where do you stop believing? Don’t believe any of it. If you have seen George Bush is a lizard then you don’t have to believe it, it is true. But don’t believe it because David Icke says so – no matter how much truth he says elsewhere. Control your mind, stop the imagination that can take you to all flights of fantasy. If it’s your experience that’s enough, imagination, fantasy and belief don’t matter.

Scepticism! Doubt, we have to unlearn all the conditioning – all the agreements we have made since we have been born. All of them including the acceptance that there is I. And even when we have begun to see through the lies we have to continue to be sceptical because the I that deludes us gets subtler. It deludes us by creating lies around the learning we have gained through unlearning. We have a magnificent bells and banjoes moment earlier in life, it rocks our world. That is brought on by scepticism – questioning. But then we cling to those bells and banjoes until very soon we have outgrown that learning and clinging to it becomes a lie. Don’t cling to the words, words are symbols. Be the truth that is beyond the words, remove the restrictions that the words of that earlier revelation have put on you to get nearer to being the truth.

It’s not about being right or wrong. You respect whatever somebody says because it’s another artist speaking. Respect is so important. When you learn to listen, you show respect for the other artists — you show respect for their art, for their creation” [p69] (download). I have always had a problem with “being right”, I especially remember being right in China. The manic depressive pipsqueak in charge there kept causing conflict. He was the boss doing it his way, and the other was education. There was conflict, he had the power, I lost. Even though in the end it turned out that I was proven right and he lost his job, he had already sacked me and they didn’t employ me seeing me as a loose cannon. Being right. But do I respect his manically-depressed dream? No. Why? Because he was not questioning, he was not trying to follow the Path. To respect there has to be at least an attempt to follow the Path, then you respect them and work with the Path process. But there is much in this world that is completely divorced from the Path where the dream of the majority of people has never been questioned. If by artist it could be meant that in some way the person was being creative – trying to follow their Path of creativity – then respect is appropriate. Judgement comes in when you make the call about creativity – about the process of following the Path.

This process of following the Path could be interpreted as recognising the dream. When you look at the dreams that people in this society have, you can see different attitudes with regards to this dream. Firstly there are people who have begun to awaken from the dream and you show them respect as they are trying to create their own reality – by following their Path. But for the majority there is the socially-accepted dream that people subscribe to. However I don’t consider all these people the same. For some they don’t see that they have subscribed to a dream, and they do the best they can. I would like these people to begin to awaken from the dream but at least they are not consciously living a lie. But there are far too many who are conscious they are living a lie. How many people subscribe to the dream that is the rat race even though they know that the rat race is harmful – it is just easier for them to be greedy than to face the reality within that dream that their compromise is hurting others. I note here that the people living the dream but doing the best they can are following the 4th agreement and that deserves respect. How are those people doing in relationship to the other agreements?

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