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Posted: 14/09/2013 by zandtao in Insight

Here is a button I use on my website, it usually takes you to this webpage which lists links to all the various blogging activity since I retired; this is in the process of being updated. There is a huge amount of stuff as a friend has recently attested when he tried to get into some of it.

Blogging by its nature is disorganised. What comes to mind one day becomes a blog and the next day it could be completely different, What if you want to access particular information. Well there are tags and tag clouds – and I haven’t used these well, but they don’t take you through what has been written. And they only apply to the one blog, I have written several.

I started a “List of Posts and Movies” on my 4 blogs – Zandtao, Mandtao, Ginsukapaapdee and Matriellez, if you know what you are looking for they help. But in truth my blogs are a total maze. Now I primarily blog because it helps my thinking, puts flesh on the bones of meditation insight is one way of describing it. If no-one reads them it doesn’t matter – I couldn’t stop, good job really no-one does. But if there is any communication purpose in these blogs then I should at least provide a summary guideline to my writing – both in the blogs and on my website.

So I am going to begin a summary …. I have no idea how long it will take as I would guess there are maybe 700 or 800 blogs. I will put a bloggon summary on my website, and an about page on my current blogs – Zandtao, Mandtao, Ginsukapaapdee and Matriellez. Why have I done this? Apart from my writings being in a maze and organisation improving it, maybe some of the stuff will help people. We all learn the lessons differently, maybe these can help you?

Typical – can’t start – the internet is down (30th August).

This is a very long job so don’t expect anything up soon.


My internet was down for 6 days. I get my internet from a small dish that is right at the top of a tall pole. It is very vulnerable to weather and the storms can cause damage. The technicians came and said a part had worn out. they replaced it and the internet was fine for two days. Then I tried to put on a new router. I have a security password and I guess I locked myself out of my system. The technicians came on Thursday and I now don’t have an unnecessary password. So two weeks later and I am catching up with blogging. Adding tags to wordpress has started but nowhere near finished. However I have organised the earlier blogs making them more accessible.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Other blogs:- Ginsukapaapdee, Mandtao, Matriellez.

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