A Zandtao Cancer Programme?

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Over the last couple of years I have been increasingly susceptible to flus. Nothing too bad – five times, but what hit home was that I had a flu at the end of July and three weeks later I had the flu again. I recognised that my susceptibility to these flus revolved around a cold chest – a seriously cold chest. Wow look what I found when searching for a link – a blog “Exercise Cold and Damp” on 12/10/08 – fascinating. I have tried to resolve this cold chest issue before. I have made amendments to my diet – increasing warm foods, cayenne pepper etc. – discussed here. But the chest was still cold. My “guru”, Paul Pitchford “Healing through Whole Foods”, says these chest things take time but with herbal treatments it was not happening. I needed a practitioner intervention – acupuncture treatment. The issue has not been resolved yet but I think it is on the way.

So why am I writing this now and not waiting? Quite simple. Meditation. Meditation told me I needed to revise my approach. I have previously said that if I had cancer I would go Gerson, but meditation told me that was not enough. The approach to cancer you want is a “Zandtao in your terms”. I am not saying everyone should follow Zandtao but my approach to the whole person is the three tenets as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise; that is what I am proposing for life, so it should be the same for healing from cancer. Cancer could be termed a holistic disease. I have previously called it a lifestyle disease, and yet although a cure is lifestyle I have often said Gerson. But Gerson is not enough. Using the description “Zandtao in your terms” I mean a lifestyle approach that incorporates meditation (mind), chi and healing the body.

Let’s examine the three tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Let’s start with our bodies, here is where Gerson comes in. I believe the Gerson therapy is the best way of cleaning the toxins, and therefore tumours, from the body. But that is not enough for our bodies, our bodies need rehabilitating. In the cropped clip Charlotte Gerson talks of rehabilitation in general, and I don’t doubt their competence. But because of the Zandtao approach being committed to energy, in this programme a significant part of that rehabilitation needs to be acupuncture. Now acupuncture helps clear the channels but what if your energy intake is not peak, then you need energy techniques such as Chi Gung to “gather energy”. And none of this works if your mind is in a mess, maybe still dealing with the doctor’s cancer death sentence? So you need meditation – the 3 tenets.

For a healing routine a clinical schedule could be

Juice 1 -> Gerson 1
Chi Gung
Juice 2 -> Gerson 2
Chi Gung
Walk Added
Juice 3 -> Gerson 3
Chi Gung
Juice 4 -> Gerson 4
Chi Gung

I stress I am not an expert so to apply this sort of routine requires a team of committed experts, people who understand such a holistic approach. These would include Gerson therapists, acupuncturists, Chi Gung teachers and meditation teachers.

My food diet is primarily macrobiotic, and it is interestng to note that macrobiotics once offered itself as a cure for cancer. I believe some doubt has been cast on its ability to cure cancer, but Denny Waxman worked with patients and their cancer was cured – see Denny Waxman. It appears that he worked on a combination of food and energy. What is practised now as macrobiotics has beceome much more of a food diet; but in its esoteric depths macrobiotics speaks of meditation, energy and food – Denny Waxman is such an example.

A friend advised me to watch this film, “Cancer is curable now”. I was a bit dismissive – I wrote something like I have looked at a number of cancer movies over my retirement years. But I began watching it, and then stopped because the movie was moving to where my meditation had taken me. So that is where I am now; I stopped the movie and wrote this blog ….

…. in light of what I have just written I am going to continue watching the movie.

My concerns that this blog might be viewed as plagiarism based on the movie were unfounded. I completely agreed with the first half of the movie that can be found at this torrent.

However the remainder of the movie I am unwilling to comment on as it involved techniques that I am unsure of. You can view the whole movie “Cancer is curable now” via this torrent..

The movie led to three amendments to the above programme. Firstly exercise needs to be included, the minimum of a 20-minute walk daily – as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise. Sunshine is essential as is evident in the Natural emphasis of the Treatise, but I forgot to write it. I am not a Gerson expert although I recommend their therapy for the body. I have replaced the word juice by Gerson, it is their therapy that should be their decision as part of the “Zandtao programme team” (grandiose eh?).

This programme need not be limited to cancer. In the movie-crop Charlotte Gerson talks of all degenerative diseases, the approach of this programme is the same. It follows from a deep respect of Nature, that we are ONE, and that in our bodies Nature provides the healing.

Corollary:- This programme is unlikely to happen as I have no resources, but if I am going to discuss cancer (degenerative diseases) I ought to offer an approach – not just being critical of “death by chemo”.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Ginsukapaapdee, Mandtao, Matriellez.

  1. zandtao says:

    For the record the acupuncture treatment I am receiving is because of the andopause – male menopause, and it was something the acupuncturist recognised straight away. This is fundamentally a kidney weakness brought on by old age, that in Chinese terms translates into an imbalance in kidney chi. To resolve this she is “tonifying the yin”. When I first spoke to her she just seemed to be dealing with the “body”, and I was unsure because I had a cold chest. But it is a recognised TCM symptom:-

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks at the changes occurring at this time as a natural progression and works to help establish a comfortable balance within the new parameters. In this model the Kidney, which is home to the ancestral energy or Jing, the life force, and the ability to reproduce, is the key player. The Kidney essence, which incorporates both the yin and the yang, has declined. Often the decline of the yin and the yang are not equal; the dynamic balance between the two primary energies is disturbed and symptoms result. The classic textbook example is that the yin (the cool, moistening, nourishing, containing aspect) has been relatively more exhausted by a lifetime of stress, lack of sleep, childbirth, menses, too much sex (guys), and bad lifestyle choices – excessive drinking, smoking. In its depleted state, the yin is unable to contain and balance its partner the yang (the warming, moving, protective, active aspect). Consequently the yang seems to flair out of control, producing heat symptoms, harassing the heart (anxiety/irritability) and disturbing the sleep. The treatment for such a situation is two-fold: 1) address the symptoms that arise because of the imbalance (hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability …), and 2) address the imbalance itself by tonifying the yin aspect, thus allowing the system to re-balance. Another strategy is to look at the factors which prevent the body from re-balancing itself – most commonly stagnation of energy and blood (contributing causes for ED?) – and to address this factor to create a better environment for the yin and yang to re-balance organically.URL

    In addition the throats, coughs and mucus problems could be lung yin deficiency:-

    Lung Yin Deficiency – dry cough, loss of voice, thirst, dry throat, dry skin, spitting up thick sputum, chronic cough, low-grade afternoon fevers, night sweats, coughing up blood, a thin rapid pulse.URL. Next time I shall be broaching whether she will treat that.

  2. zandtao says:

    This lady, Dr Lorraine Day, is almost completely excellent on cancer – but she is excellent for herself. Forbidden Knowledge told me about her, here is the clip:-

    It is fascinating to hear someone talking about the need for the spiritual dimension in order to heal. Macrobiotics and others promote the notion that diet might be enough, I tried to show above that I don’t believe it is so; Dr Day said it is not so for her. She turned to Christianity, not institutional Christianity, but a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ“, and it has worked for her. It is not the same as Zandtao but that doesn’t matter because she is healing her whole being, her way. Excellent.

  3. […] maybe. But it taught me a big lesson, I don’t feel food is enough hence why I wrote the “Zandtao Cancer Programme?”, significant in this being healing has to include energy (Chi Gung and Acupuncture) and meditation, […]

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