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Posted: 16/08/2013 by zandtao in Big Pharma, Health
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I woke up this morning tempted to get a flu vaccine, so I decided I had to come to terms with what the dangers are; the basic it is not natural doesn’t seem good enough.

There was no internet so that means turning inside first, perhaps that is better. I can’t get out of my head the story of “murder by vaccine”; this committed teacher had pumped herself so full of drugs she fell asleep at the wheel careered across the road and died – unfortunately the oncoming driver was also injured in hospital, I don’t know how serious.

What is the psychology of vaccines? In my own case at the moment there is a sense of embarrassment. I have the flu and I am supposed to be on a healthy diet, my diet should have provided the immunity for flu. This brings into question all the assumptions I have made, that diet can cope with cancer etc. I am also embarrassed because I am too ill to teach and have to call in sick. At one school on a Friday they make me a special cheewajit menu, that makes even more of a mockery of the diet that such efforts are gone to – and yet I have the flu. This is just a particular but standard flu guilt reaction. Throughout my teaching when I was ill there was always intense pressure to go into work, especially in the UK. Why? Quite simple, the conditions of service are so appalling teachers are always ill. The stress is phenomenal, stress weakens the immune system and in each class there are always students who are carrying virus etc. The response from management, to increase the pressure on teachers to attend school. They then return to work whilst still ill spreading the viruses increasing the ill health of the school population. It is no wonder that actuarial statistics for teachers is so shocking, and no wonder I heard of dedicated colleagues who died within a year of retirement.

This description of teachers is just a particular example of how illness is seen in society. Primarily illness is viewed as a loss of working hours and hence a loss of productivity and therefore profit. So business puts pressure to increase the profits and therefore minimise the amount of time people have off work. There are many stoics who boast that they have never missed a day of work as if that is a personal achievement. What is their achievement? They have worked all their lives as slaves and are proud of it. Here in Thailand it is much worse a problem, as a teacher if I was ill I was paid, what do people do if they are not able to work? Starve? This is why flu vaccines are so prevalent here, people can at least get to work irrespective of the harm that working does to them.

To begin examining that harm it is necessary to consider what is the function of disease. Something is imbalanced in the human body, maybe you have been working too hard, maybe there is something amiss in your diet; the body flags it. You need rest, you need to pay attention to the deficiency countering it. Do vaccines fit in with this? Far from it. Somehow they mask the symptoms – I don’t know how but this is what they do. Once masked people are able to attend work even if they get home and flake out during the period of illness. If this is not a clear example of slavery I don’t know what is. You take the vaccine not to heal yourself but simply to enable you to go to work; it makes me ashamed to be a part of a society that does this.

I am going to mention how I felt as I got older in work. My diet was not good so more and more my health was dominating my life. I would go to work, go home and sleep, waking up to eat and mark books. My life was only my holidays. I was an automaton, yet in my later teaching years I was in much easier work environments because I was not working in the UK. When I retired early I soon developed GERD; at last my body was in a position to show the illness in such a way that I could cure it – I had the time and inclination to accept the doctor’s advice to diet. Whilst teaching I would never have had the energy to do the cooking I now do as I was too tired from work and my body was on its downward cycle of ill health because of that. Early retirement followed by following the diet has rejuvenated me – except of course I now have the flu!!

So what do the flu vaccines actually do? I need to look at the internet to find out. Because the English internet is US-control flu vaccination is dominated by the CDC advice to have a flu jab every year (I do not support what the CDC stands for). The basis of the vaccine is that you introduce the virus into the system, the system builds up antibodies and you don’t get the flu. Annually CDC “experts” decide what starins of flu people are likely to get and these become the annual flu shot. Do they use the same flu shot in Thailand?

Homepathy, a traditional medicine, believes in a similar approach, they call it the “Law of Similars”. From hereThe Law of Similars is, interestingly, the principle behind vaccinations. However, the dose and method of delivery commonly used by doctors poses a significant risk of harm to those being vaccinated. Conventional vaccinations involve crude doses of the microbe linked to the disease being vaccinated against, and the dose is injected directly into the blood stream, bypassing all of the natural defense mechanisms of the body. Thus, the body receives too strong a dose and too suddenly, creating a shock to the organism that can lead to reactions, from mild to severe, including death in some cases. The use of actual viral material also sets the body up for auto-immune disorders, a fact well documented in the research literature.

On top of the risk of disorders from the vaccine there are other dangers that go against my anti-toxic (natural) approach. Same page
Along with the crude quantity of virus material injected directly into the person’s bloodstream, there are also the carrying agents in the vaccine fluid itself. It can contain acetone – used in nail polish removers and furniture strippers; thimerisol – a mercury-derivative outlawed for use in contact lens wetting solutions because it is a carcinogen; formaldehyde and other insidious substances.

There is one final note I want to make concerning the safety of flu vaccines from the this page:-
Influenza viruses have a very high rate of mutation, which means they are constantly changing their physico-chemical structure to adapt to new environments. This frustrates vaccine producers, because immunity developed one year carries over to the next year only by chance.

Pharmaceutical companies were initially reluctant to pursue such a challenge because of lawsuits. In the 1970s, Gerald Ford launched a government effort to inject people with Swine Flu Vaccine on the concept that the human race periodically experiences a devastating influenza epidemic like the 1918 Influenza Pandemic; his belief was that we were due.

Based on homeopathic principles, I warned my patients not to take that vaccine for fear of neurological disease. In fact, Swine Flu itself never developed, but drug companies were sued massively over Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a chronic paralytic condition.

Drug companies stayed out of the field of vaccines until Congress provided vaccine makers with lawsuit protection. Since then they have sponsored media campaigns for flu vaccine claiming 80% protection except in the elderly — who were a major justification in the first place.

Basically they didn’t make vaccines until they could be sure that nothing would happen to the companies if there were side effects. I don’t trust the companies anyway, and if they are given carte blanche – no way.

In the last decade or so (starting with the “Swine flu” in the 70s) there have been major scares, bird flu, Asian flu, SARS etc. In recent years these scares have been hyped up in my view influenced by BigPharma trying to drum up business. I am unable to comment on the legitimacy of the threats because I am not knowledgeable enough to differentiate the hype from the facts. I have no doubts however that the recent increase in vaccinations has made the flu strains more virulent. With the dependency on drugs to cope immune systems have become much weaker leaving the gates open to attack.

Having made the decision not to take the flu jabs I have to examine my own health regime more carefully. I am prone to flu – always have been – teacher’s flu – chest and throat and coughs, thanksfully the headaches have almost completely gone. I have been too blase about the seasonal change, the rainy season is devestating here – healthwise. With the prevalence of flu jabs here my immune system has to be stronger. next rainy season I have to be far more proactive to deal with the flu. Strategy:-

1) I have just taken kombucha tea, and my body seemed to want it. The rainy season has to mean an emphasis on probiotics.

2) Cayenne pepper is a way of keeping the temperature up, and garlic is a universal healer so these need to be added to my daily routine in the rainy season.

3) Buy colloidal silver

4) Maybe my enquiry into the homeopathic flu jab will produce results.

5) Keep warm. It seems a stupid thing to say in Thailand but I need to recognise that during the rainy season the weather gets cold, the sea gets cold, I get cold.

Writing:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

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  1. zandtao says:


    [This blog would have been out of order on the wordpress listing but is included on 22/8/13 on the Posts and Movies page – a link to the comment]

    This flu season has not been easy for me. Propensity for flu has been a lifelong problem for me, started in the miserable UK weather. Travelling from country to country makes flus even worse. What are natural immunities for local people often mean a much broader attack I have on my system. On the other hand I think the warm climates gives me additional help sometimes.

    When I first came to Thailand I hid from the rainy season – as do many Thais. By this I mean I avoided getting wet, simply by not going out in the rain. Over the last three years this has changed because I have started teaching, and teaching has a routine timetable. To get to work I get wet. At approximately the same time I started swimming, and relatively speaking the water is colder, thus giving an additional burden for my immune system to deal with. Last night I reflected on the following. Last year at the
    beginning of the rainy season I got flu, flu again when I moved house, flu symptoms because my water was pesticidal toxic, and flu at the end of July and last week again. Whilst for some this might not be too much for me it is excessive.

    When I take time off school there is almost an accusatory situation. Local teachers run straight to the flu jab, I refuse – I have discussed already the toxins in those jabs. In one school they make an effort to give me cheewajit food and yet I am ill – again my guilt makes me feel as if there are accusations.

    So it makes me so happy to say that I have made a step to recovery concerning the problem. Yesterday I went to the acupuncturist and had a very good treatment. It was strange how this happened. My Thai teacher is Ms System, go have X-rays, take penicillin – all this, of course I refuse. After ignoring her previous recommendations she said acupuncture. My nearest acupuncture is the next big town on the way to Bangkok, 70 km from Trat, but only 46 km from where I live now – a significant difference especially on my new steed (motor-bike). But the last time the private hospital where I had the treatment was so expensive, that I was loathe to go. However Paul Pitchford pointed to lung chi, and I could see no dietary way of getting at that so I decided on acupuncture. New good omen – when Thai teacher and Paul Pitchford say the same thing I must act.

    During the treatment I developed a tickly throat cough, and then very soon after I felt seriously faint for a long time. The acupuncturist had definitely got something. But all is not rosy because as usual the language issue came into play. The doctor insisted on speaking English but she didn’t really speak it well – so she wasn’t able to get deep into diagnosis. This might not be true but I felt that she just did a general maintenance treatment, as opposed to dealing with the lung chi; a bit like doing a service on a bike when you go in with a gearbox problem. So when I go back on Friday I hope to address the language problem and get appropriate treatment. Overall, very good news though. She also works a normal week, the price was reasonable 650 Baht, so I could have a “doctor” – even better news.


    I got help from my Thai teacher in understanding the reasons for the treatment, and I underwent a course feeling a lot better – stronger immunity.

    Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

    Blogs:- Ginsukapaapdee, Mandtao, Matriellez.

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