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Posted: 20/07/2013 by zandtao in Health

I am recovering from my annual flu, and I say annual because it is seasonal. In May the rains begin, and I am on my bike off to school. One school is 35 km away and nearly two weeks ago (10/7) I got absolutely drenched – so much rain visibility was dangerously limited. Maybe this rain was the tipping point for my flu. The rainy season also lowers the temperatures. Today there isn’t so much rain but it is late morning and the temperature is 27, often as low as 24. There is another big factor in the flu scenario – swimming in the rainy season. I am often harangued at the beach for swimming when the waves are dangerous, compared with UK waves they are nothing. However there are rip tides so people who go in the sea at this time of year do need to be careful. But for me the “danger” is the temperature.

How does this “cold” affect me? A year ago, in June I noticed a cold chest, in fact I got Chinese herbs to try and rectify it. But I hadn’t put together the genesis of this chest. A while back my herb doctor said it was internal wind, and I tried some herbal stuff on that. It helped, but it obviously hasn’t solved the problem. My chest is cold because of getting soaked riding in the rain and swimming in the “cold”. These are both external conditions – seasonal and external.

So what is this cold chest? I think it is accumulation of mucus to protect from the cold, I am often coughing up phlegm. I don’t like it but the cough itself is not a problem – of course bringing up phlegm is not too socially acceptable!! This accumulation of mucus is what brought about the flu. I tend not to see illness in viral terms but it could be true that a virus found a place to grow in the excess mucus; maybe the flu was just a means for the system to get rid of the accumulated mucus. Either way the cause was the same – mucus accumulating because of the need to protect from the cold.

This is not really worth writing about unless I am offering some kind of solution. I don’t know whether this will work or not, but I will try. Firstly the problem is cold so I must do something about heating up my chest. They have electric hot water bags here, so in the evening I will sit with those on my chest whilst wasting time watching TV. I will also be found on the beach wearing my bike jacket after swimming to warm up my body; I must risk the sun more as well. I must eat warmer food. This means less salads, and it also means adding peppers to the food, I have always resisted this as I think Thai food is too spicy but I must try. I must have water at hand. If I cough this is my trying to expel the phlegm, that is done easier if there is water in my system; increasing my liquid intake to the proper amount of 3 litres a day has helped but not solved the problem. I must use a decongestant. There is a very interesting herbal concoction that helps, unfortunately I don’t know what it is. And I must practice deep breathing.

Wage-slave jabs:- Now that I am retired being ill only eats into my time. But then there is the teaching, and I refuse to go to school unless I am completely well. People always ask if I have been to the doctor, and I refuse to go. Why? Because the doctor will give me wage-slave jabs (or antibiotics). These jabs help people get over the symptoms of flu so they can get back to work. Note the purpose – get back to work. Are these jabs good for people? To think about this we must ask what is the purpose of disease? And it is the body’s mechanism for coping with some problem. In the above case I had an accumulation of mucus – that was why I was ill; I also needed to reflect on lifestyle to consider the cold chests. Would the jabs have helped with these? No, they would have got me back to work.

Our society has a sickness. It is natural to be ill; our bodies are speaking to us where our lifestyles are preventing us from hearing normally. Instead of listening our wage-slave society says “get back to work”. Note, it is not just our bosses, but most of us subscribe to this. We go back to work when we are not healthy further creating health hazards. Mostly it is the bosses however. They find mechanisms to put pressure to make people return to work. In teaching it was cover, if I was absent colleagues had to cover. This was not for serious long-term illness but for short-term illness like flu. You’re ill with flu and you sit at home worrying because colleagues are covering for you. You go back to work early, students get your disease as do colleagues and learning is compromised. There are plenty of supply teachers available to cover but no-one wants to pay if they can force teachers to cover.

Thailand is an over-medicated society often blindly reliant on doctors. I remember the case of Reena. Reena was a Thai teacher, and she was ill. She took too many of these wage-slave jabs because of the pressures – no cover, concern for students’ education etc. – the usual vocational concerns. One day she was driving home, fell asleep at the wheel because of over-medication, drove onto the other side of the road where she died whilst injuring the other driver. To me this is murder by the education system because they failed to provide appropriate cover for this committed teacher, for others they think the teacher was at fault. Wage-slave jabs – disgrace!!

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  1. zandtao says:

    It is possible I had the answer all along – colloidal silver. I will now add it to the vapour stuff, and put it in green and yellow juice. Here is an informative but dreary clip:-


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