Posted: 19/07/2013 by zandtao in Democracy, Finance, ONE planet, Struggle

I shouldn’t have watched this. This is a TED talk on corruption:-

I almost switched off because she started going on about some guy in Turkmenistan, but I fastforward and found that she was moving in the right direction. And she ended by putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of the British people for allowing it to happen – subsitite US, Europe, NATO etc.

But look at the stereotype implication she began with. If no-one is going to pay then there is no corruption, the source of corruption is those with the money. Then my mind moves to neo-colonialism and how monopoly capitalism moves the prices down for coffee, bananas etc. It’s not surprising oil-rich despots take advantage because that is what normally happens in reverse.

The real TED question to be asked is why so many TED listeners do not know that the problem starts in their countries and not with the governments of the 3rd World. Nor do they know that many of these “corrupt” 3rd world leaders were put in place by western governments – the puppets of western corporatocracy.

Mind you, it is TED and TED only go so far.

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