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I was encouraged to listen to David Icke, I have discussed
him before – here at Oxford and last month here. Here is the first talk of 3 taken from David Icke at the Brixton Academy in 2008:-

It’s half an hour into the talk and it is quite simplistic, that is maybe his forte. He says “don’t believe him”, but then presents a lecture of conclusions. The format belies his belief proposal, he presents the material as ideas and facts to be believed. This first talk starts with a straight-forward rant about our being conned, no issue there – nothing new except for a sportscaster saying it. But he is clear.

But then he says religions destroy spirituality. This raises a flag in me. OK religious institutions suppress spirituality, but the original people who sought out these religions were spiritual people. “Religion is the opiate of
the masses” is what Marx said, and I would say the same to him. It is not the religion but the religious institutions. And why do I draw such a distinction? Because there is so much Truth in religions if you want to look and find it.

And maybe more? I don’t believe David Icke is a moral man with discipline. I have said this before and one of the reasons I am taking time to watch this Brixton stuff is to check this. Religions focus on morality – I prefer the use of the term sila, moral integrity. Without sila we limit our own Paths. Nature is completely moral, we must fit in with Nature so we need to be moral. If we have righteous anger, are promiscuous, carry out any form of immoral behaviour we distance ourselves from our Paths, from the oneness of infinite consciousness that David Icke talks about. When the founders of all the world’s religions discovered that morality was at its base we should listen. But we should NOT listen to the institutions who turn that morality into conformity. The highest form of morality is revolutionary because it is the highest power of Truth.

Without a moral and disciplined life what happens? What do all the lost souls at the Brixton Acadaemy do? They listen, they recognise some (or all) of what Icke says, and they go home with the blinkers off and become angry. They have a right to be angry, what is being done to us is awful. But learning this partial truth, the truth of the manipulations by the corporatocracy, isn’t enough, we have to learn how to live with that truth. Living peacefully with that truth is the real Truth. Living at peace with the all the knowledge of war disease etc all being created just for the profits of the few, this is the Truth. The knowledge is not enough, how we live with it is needed. I am looking to see how Icke teaches us how to live with that knowledge. Knowing Brixton I can imagine hundreds of disillusioned people leaving the Academy going home getting drunk or doped, screw themselves silly, and say they’ve had a good day. The next day they get up their illusions have been altered and they have no idea what to do with those shattered illusions. Peace, how to live with the knowledge.

I have now started the second clip (part 3), I suspect part 2 is lizards and my friend didn’t want me to be thrown by them – maybe I’ll watch it:-

More and more I dislike his didactic style – here are the facts “take it or leave it”. Here is my journey, you do the same; he doesn’t say that but he does it. And I don’t find what he says integrated. There is too much ego. I have gone on and on about the importance of anatta, and in particular how the image of the higher self is an extension of the survival instinct. Here is an image from this clip:-

Is this the way we all experience the connection with oneness? Suppose it isn’t. Are the impressionable young people at the Academy going to say “I haven’t got it” and give up? What is the energy, what are the frequencies? How do we get in touch with them? If this is going to be helpful then people need answers to these questions, or they need a description of what to do. Download every David Icke and rant at the press like he did – mentioned here. In Britain those kids will be arrested for disturbing the peace or whatever charge the system is using for “being different”.

He also talks about growing upsurge of people following him, from the small groups he used to put chairs up for to the crowds at Brixton Academy and Wembley, acceptance at Oxford etc. But what were the 60s about? OK they weren’t talking of illuminati, but they were about rejecting conformity, not accepting the man. What was he doing then? Learning to be a sportscaster. He is two months younger than me, but for me the 60s was about change and questioning. Maybe that is a big difference for me, I ask questions CONSTANTLY. I don’t want the man’s dream, I don’t want David’s dream, Alex Jones’ dream, I don’t want any dream. I don’t want any self although I am making miserable progress in being no-self. I want to question so that I hold no dream, no ideatestructure (including that of I). This way of “mine” is not a set of beliefs but an approach – a methodology. Be moral, sit on your bum every day, and continually ask questions. David says “ask the questions of the system”, here are the answers – believe me even though I tell you never to believe me.

I’m going to continue to attack him with a proviso here and another one at the end. I am not talking about David Icke – I am talking about the David Icke of his clips (not even his books I have never read them; who the real David Icke is I don’t know I’ve never met him. He (my perception of who I think he is) is better than the bombast Alex Jones but basically he is the same. David has an ego. He stands up in adversity and shouts out ideas. The ideas that made him famous, the standing up to be ridiculed, these have fashioned a shell that tells him what to do, and that restrictive pattern has created a closed approach. He is stuck in his awakening, and does not appear to asking questions of himself. He bashes out David Icke dogma, he has rhetoric dementia (thank you Doris Lessing). And here is the other proviso, so much of what he is saying can help you understand society if you do ask the questions. His political analysis is pretty much on the button as far as I understand it. But the trouble is, I see ego, and where he talks about stuff I haven’t experienced for myself I cannot trust it because of that ego. Let’s take the obvious – lizards. No I don’t believe in believing but if Tan Ajaan (who as far as I know is the closest to anatta I have come across) said there were lizards I’d be tempted to believe. David says lizards, and I ask ego?

Just because he is different doesn’t make him right even though different is mostly right when you consider the dream being forced on us. Because he is just giving dogma I think he is dangerous because to be different requires great strength, a strength that can only come from harmony with Nature and personal discipline – be moral, sit on your stool and ask questions.

He is dangerous in another way, in a way that I can see why he has become popular. He has got an excellent grasp of some stuff, taking responsibility, not blaming others etc. And he talks about changing the holographic image from inside – spot on. This is exactly it, the Path. But what about his more extreme positions? Trendies from Brixton will think he is so clear about the other stuff – personal responsibility etc he must be right about the more extreme. So they want to look for lizards, tell people, get laughed at, become frightened and don’t change. Young adult trendies go to their parents and say we must all take responsibility for our actions, stop blaming others. Parents might be scared for you, but they can’t ridicule you – because it’s in-your-face truth. This is his danger, he has really got some stuff – and others? And the more extreme stuff doesn’t matter. He talked about the fear of the lizards, what about attributing that to the fear of ego and instinct for survival? Does that change what people have to do? No, it brings the focus more clearly home to where the action should be happening. Personal responsibility becomes stronger when you don’t ask whether there are lizards?

Throughout I have not been happy about his use of left and right brain, I have never been happy with that description of the brain anywhere. My mind is amorphous, sometimes it is one-pointed in the heart, sometimes it is one of 4 of the 5 khandas. Now my brain doesn’t move, but my mind does – wherever I focus it. I don’t know enough about the research into left and right brain, but I do know that science is not clear about mind and brain – it picks and chooses definition depending on which prof has the chair. David associates closed thinking with the left side, and the way he describes the left-side-only thinking is self. He talks about survival as left-side – this is instinct, self. But when there is no self there is insight, by David’s approach infinite consciousness already knows the answer so no need to question. This is all or nothing, and I don’t know of people who are all. We are on our Paths but we are not anatta – completely enlightened. So there is still self trying to survive, trying to hold us back from learning. We can help by developing a mind that always is asking questions so that we can access the insight the answers that infinite consciousness knows. Here is an RSA clip about the way science is seeing left-and-right brains:-

Just because it is science doesn’t make it correct, just because David is different and addresses many real questions very well doesn’t mean that everything he says is true (ego withstanding ….).

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