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Posted: 03/07/2013 by zandtao in ONE planet
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Inelia Benz?

Yes, she is still confusing me. Here is the clip again:-

I have not managed to stay awake through the whole clip yet – nothing special in that, but as I was watching I caught a very disturbing image of her in my clock face. Disturbing enough to make me feel there is something wrong.

But what? I haven’t come to terms with that yet. The first thing that strikes me is that she suggests that she is solving the world’s problems. But she can only do this with the acceptance of the people – “free will” at some level but not conscious apparently. This might well mean something genuine to some people – Lightworkers?, but to me it brings concerns. My main concern is that of inducing apathy:-

“Hey Inelia will save me, I don’t have to do anything; and if it’s not Inelia then there are all these other aliens who will help. Man I want that help, this world sucks – pass the spliff.”

What is meant to happen is that we, individually, must try to take control of our own lives. The tentacles of the ruling elite – superrich – Rothschilds weave their way into every aspect of life, the dream they weave enslaving many throughout the world, waking from this is the duty of all yet the apathy of most. That waking cannot occur without making an effort even if the consequences of that effort are not always immediately obvious. Does Inelia encourage this individual responsibility? I have to say yes. Towards the end of the clip she speaks of fear, we individually must overcome the fear that is created by the elite’s tentacles. But the mind is lazy and will choose the free “Inelia will do it” ride.

She also seems to be promoting Gaia, I talk of ONE planet, shouldn’t I be happy? Here is a group meditation for enhancing Gaia’s energy:-

What is the effect of such meditations? Does it take energy away from the more difficult and perhaps more important individual journey? I don’t know, any thoughts?

So I am left confused. I met someone who believes that energy might be a way of defeating this super-rich. I don’t know but I tend to think not. Focussing on our own Paths, improving our own strength to be compassionate within our own communities – even using existing genuine democratic structures and communities (communes), isn’t that where our energy needs to go? People especially those who have used mind-expanding drugs perhaps see solutions elsewhere, but isn’t the real solution in the nitty-gritty where we have to learn to control our own selves hoping eventually to work towards no-self? Inelia feels like a shortcut that maybe would take longer because of abdication of responsibility; but I have to say …. maybe?

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  1. naivelysage says:

    There is a line from the film ‘Beginners’ where one of the main characters looks out on people walking in a park and says to her boyfriend; “people like us, half of them think that things will never work out; the other half believe in magic.”

    Is what Inelia says about her experience true or is it a decent science fiction story? I don’t know but I am one of those who ‘believes’ in magic so I accept the possibility that her story is true. I also accept, generally, what she says about the need for us to transform this timeline. Whether what she says is literally true or is a fiction is perhaps less important than what this story represents and what we do with it. She is not saying that she can save us, she is saying that working together we can save ourselves and the planet because we can access the Infinite and that is the core of the belief in magic, the notion that we can reach beyond the mundane and touch and be the Infinite.

    I was struck by what she said about her nervous breakdown at age three when she realised that there were wars in this timeline; for a long time this has seemed to me like an anomaly, a total absurdity in a 21st century where there is massive access to information and communication and where a fraction of spending on war could eliminate extreme global poverty.

    Inelia makes the link between the suppression of people on a political level and the suppression of their spiritual potentials, without naming names she points to the evil elites who are responsible for this suppression.

    I didn’t watch much of the meditation for Gaia but this sort of visualisation and collective meditation is not a distraction from the work that we need to do on ourselves or politically, it’s a useful supplement that can put us in touch with the planet as a living entity and with each other as a collective. Inelia is intriguing and I will look at her stuff with interest. I think what she offers is positive but as she says she is best seen as one of many working to enlighten humanity and the planet.

    • zandtao says:

      Your quote from the movie is what concerns me most of all about what Inelia offers, and that concern is abdication of personal responsibility. Somewhere in my discussions concerning her I have pointed out that she does not advocate such abdication but the concern is that people may abdicate by saying “Inelia and the like will do it”.

      I do not have personal experience of the work that Inelia does, so I do not believe it – I only “believe” what I know. Once we have beliefs they are mental constructs that inhibit understanding, in this case that inhibiting might come from not taking personal responsibility. Once we have mental constructs we do not have a mind free to “reach beyond the mundane and touch and be the Infinite”.

      Inelia falls into the category of people I call glamour. Many in the spiritual world seek escape through this glamour, and whilst undoubtedly there are people with “powers” that does not mean to say all people can have such powers. Inelia and others do say this, but I wonder whether it is the kamma of all people. The spiritual world is mundane, and the way to “escape” is to live in that mundane world with understanding.

      On TV there are a whole series of “glamour” series that have blossomed beginning perhaps with your favourite – Buffy. Whilst they are clearly and intentionally fictional there are other programmes that some might feel more tangible, such as Alphas. With the prevalence of such programmes I am convinced there will be people around who believe they have such powers. And the key word here is belief; accepting beliefs is a restriction and a diversion.

      I don’t understand the timorous use of the word anomaly when describing the wars. War is an integrated part of the wealth generation of the “evil elite”. It is essential for western people (I include myself here), and to a lesser extent people elsewhere, to understand that their standard of living whilst at present suffering under invented austerity programmes have benefited from an economic system that has lived off war for centuries, contained in this Rothschild clip is an example of how their money has often sponsored both sides in wars. Whilst in the West we now attack bankers, we aren’t actually doing anything about them and the rest of the financial elite; and are still content to accept their crumbs – crumbs that have fundamentally come from exploiting others significantly in wars.

      You mentioned that meditations that connect us with Gaia are not a distraction. I don’t know enough about meditation to say that. Whilst I am sure that all meditation is in some way beneficial as it stills and focuses the mind I think that meditation which totally focuses on Gaia might miss the point, you used the word “supplement”. Getting rid of fear, getting rid of self are priorities, on a global level compassion, but Gaia? I could imagine there are people in her meditation circles for whom this is their central (sole?) practice, and that I have grave doubts about. It might well be her work but is it theirs?

      I haven’t fully come to terms with Inelia, but this week I have felt she might have been a distraction.

  2. zandtao says:

    I tried Inelia’s meditation, it was pleasant. The mind was encouraged to imagine being in natural situations, and this made me feel good. I have experienced such meditation years ago , it was a good feeling then as well. I associate this feeling more with the “bell and banjos” feeling when my meditation was more erratic, but there is another time when this feeling seems similar. Sometimes at the end of meditation I focus on compassion and then follow the compassion out of my mind to my neighbourhood etc. This is similar to the more known metta meditation. I am probably not a good example for Inelia’s type of meditation as I live rural and go to the beach 3 times a week, where my mind went in the meditation was where I physically go.

    In her interview with Bill Ryan Inelia says we must deal with our fear, I picked this up as being the individual focus. Inelias meditation was pleasant, but it did nothing to deal with fear. So whatever inner work one does individually, this meditation did not help with that. So the question is does Inelia’s programme Ascension 101 actually do anything on the individual level? This is important as otherwise I don’t see where she is going and apart from the bells and banjos what good she is doing with those people?

    This brings me to a wider question concerning Ascension. Whilst I previously raised the need for moral integrity with an Ascension group, Openhands, that question is now extended to broader individual inner work. Does Ascension only deal with these bells and banjos moments and seek to develop them? Or does it also have the more mundane yet more essential approach that deals with individual education on a meditational level?

  3. zandtao says:

    And if Inelia isn’t confusing enough what about Space Barbie:-

    Here is something about The Phase and Space Barbie in English:-

    With stuff like this around how important is the difference between belief and knowing?

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