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Posted: 30/06/2013 by zandtao in Insight, ONE planet
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Well I am confused and already tired from answering emails but I want to explore this. In meditation little came up when I was thinking about it.

A friend asked me to look into Inelia Benz, I watched, fell asleep and woke up for a good bit near the end:-

I watched her again, and each time I watch it is intriguing but my position hasn’t changed. The bit I woke up for is still the best bit for me.

Following Tan Ajaan I tend to reject what I have to believe in, and Inelia is talking of much that requires belief – at least for me. I began to look further to find that Bill Ryan, the interviewer, is touting her for various trainings. They have a website Ascension 101, in which you can pay a $100 for training in Ascension. I met Ascension before with Openhands, and Chris Bourne made an interesting movie called “Five Gateways” – discussed here. I also had an interesting dialogue with him about sila – moral integrity, I think it is particularly important that any form of spirituality directed to the West has a strong moral component as western mores are extremely slack. But there was a lot in the Ascension movie I liked.

Then I watched “David Icke – was he right?”, (I have discussed him before):-

He was a pin-up sportscaster who suddenly appeared on tv talking “rubbish”. As in the Wogan interview featured in the channel 5 programme he was ridiculed, and sadly from the prog his family also suffered because of this ridicule. His books sold, I think, I remember him for the marketing of his “belief that he was God” and his belief in aliens; I also remember there were many Icke jokes. At no time did I see anything of his clear analysis of destruction on the planet by the financial elite.

To fully accept Inelia and David requires a belief in aliens, and I don’t like beliefs. Belief in aliens is worse. There is no reason to believe aliens don’t exist, there’s no reason to believe that aliens don’t have an impact on this planet, but there is no reason to believe it either – for most there is only belief. But blaming our troubles on aliens is not accepting that humanity is responsible for the appalling things that go on on this earth. The Rothschilds are responsible for much death and destruction as a consequence of their manipulations for profit (download this). Can human greed be responsible for so much death? Sadly I think so, it is not necessary to have aliens to be responsible for this.

One other aspect of concern when people are asked to believe, and that is mental proliferation or unwarranted imagination. If there is no belief and that we must experience then we have so much more control of our minds. We don’t have to believe all the rubbish in the media if we only accept what we know is true. Mind expansion is not necessarily a good thing. We grow up in a culture that represses the mind, it teaches us a dream of ignorance that we need to break through. Both Inelia and David talk about this. But is an ever-expanding mind a good thing? There is talk of oneness and experiencing this oneness, and by experiencing this oneness we can create so much. But if we are not centred and humble then can we be “not-self”? If our minds expand and yet in those minds we have ego, does that ego not expand as well? Does self not expand? Inelia teaches a mind expansion meditation:-

Is this not dangerous? I have done such meditation and it is exhilarating but it did nothing for “not-self”. The “bread and butter” stuff is needed. Maybe as well, maybe instead?

I apologise for saying this but David Icke could be called David Oik. His figure is not the shape of a healthy man, he guzzles beer, came from a football background, I suspect his morality, and he does not present the image of a spiritual man. He got angry with the police for not moving on – defending his liberties, his fame probably saved him from arrest; this anger was not spiritually endearing. He is simply one of the lads. Yet we are asked to accept that one of the lads can give prognostications about aliens. In the tv prog some of his forecasts came true, but aliens? Now you could say I am hung up on aliens, but how many people would dismiss what both have to say just because a belief in aliens is required? To be honest it makes no sense to me that David Icke was given this knowledge. But he was, and to be fair to him he has delivered this knowledge taking the knocks with it.

Both are matter-of-fact about their knowledge and both say “take it or leave it” – even when David was being ridiculed by Wogan in the tv prog. So where does all of this bring me? Simple, I don’t understand. I think of this as Kamma. It is the Kamma of Nature to decide what we do and it is up to us to follow. It is not my kamma to be David Icke, and I could imagine he would not want my life. Inelia believes it is her kamma to raise the level of the vibrations of the planet, and it is her understanding that she has effected change for the better. Her way of effecting change is not mine, but who is to say she is wrong? Kamma can say, I can’t.

Addendum 1/7/13

The highest vibration is compassion. We can all be compassionate, no necessity for belief, no striving for the paranormal – compassion.

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