What if we change

Posted: 13/06/2013 by zandtao in ONE planet

When I was first removing my ignorance concerning black people, I began a process of global awareness and was told about cash crops – how people were forced by the neo-colonial market to grow crops that increased desertification. In part of this film, Green Gold:-

John D Liu discusses with an Ethiopian professor how he has begun to regreen the desert in his country. This is only a part of a much wider movement where people are regreening, the most notable perhaps being the project in Loess in China. Whilst I began this blogentry by discussing cash crops, it is not just cash crops that have produced this problem. Poverty has forced people to farm their lands almost to extinction, but with positive government intervention people can be helped to regreen their own lands. In Green Gold there were examples in Jordan, Rwanda as well as the one mentioned in China. On this You-Tube channel for “What if we change” there are 30 clips of such projects – take your pick.

“What if we change” is here

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