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In my young days when I was more politically active I heard John Stockwell discussing Nicaragua. Since then I am always promoting his notion of World War III:-

In this clip John Stockwell describes the reasons for the CIA war:-

There is a group/person? – couldn’t find out anything about them called stormcloudsgathering. He/they have made a similar clip called World War 3 has already begun:-

Whilst I mostly agree with what is described in this clip, it presents a confrontational picture of two opposing camps – the West and the Sino-Russia camp. Whilst I consider that the West is waging a Third World War for profit, they are not waging it against a coalition of countries, they are simply waging it for war’s sake – and the profits of the MIC. If you look economically at both lists on this slide, many have a vested interest in the capitalist system:-

To claim that these two columns of countries are aligned is naive. I would agree that the left column is aligned against the expansionist interests of the right but beyond I would suggest that there is no agreement. Further I would suggest that China and Russia’s interests are usually allied with those of capitalism. It really depends on how far the West wishes to push it, and it is in no-one’s interests – West or otherwise – to have a war.

In John Stockwell’s clips he noted that the CIA targetted countries other than the Soviet bloc, this could be described as the strategy of the imperialist bully. And what do we know about bullies? They are cowards, they don’t take on equals. If US-guided western imperialism were to unite all those countries in the China/Russia column there would be a battle of equals, and as such would be in no-one’s interest. So I perceive a continuation of the World War 3 strategy as described by John Stockwell developed by “stormcloudsgathering” but not a confrontational war of two-sided “equals”as in the two European “World Wars”.

For info here is a “stormcloudsgathering” clip on the Road to World War 3:-

  1. naivelysage says:

    Stormclouds Gathering does some good work. The last video is well argued in its analysis of the situation and in the recommendations for action. There are many indications that people are increasingly seeing the rationales and world view presented by the US/UK driven mainstream media as the lies that they are. At the moment there is a dangerous confrontation between the US/UK and the Russia/China blocs over Syria and Iran. The US will try to buy off the Russians and Chinese but, in addition to strategic concerns, there is a question of losing face for Russia in particular and for Putin in particular.

  2. zandtao says:

    Thanks for commenting and stating your position.Personally I see this scenario as presented by stormcloudsgathering as an aspect of manufacturing an enemy; this manufacture is certainly something the West has historically practised. Let us consider the War on Terror. When I first heard the rantings of the right that began the War on Terror, they were nonsense. Entering Afghanistan searching for a man who they created as a “legend to fight” was like searching for a needle in a haystack, yet they are still there killing and making profits for the MIC and private security armies – even when bin Laden has been murdered. There has also been the unwarranted murder that occurred in Iraq, some of which was justified by “War on Terror”. Drone strikes continue to kill people in various countries to provide drone profits. 30 years ago you could not target a person for their religion as a human right, yet now Muslims are perceived as an enemy by people in the West because of the media-creation of “War on Terror”.

    The Cold War was an earlier example of war-creation. We grew up in a country that believed that the USSR was a threat, but of course they weren’t – look how easily communism folded there Now it has been replaced by a far more heinous criminal dictatorship.

    Both of these enemies were unreal yet they have become real because of the continued political and media alliance for military profits.

    So maybe this WW3 is a possibility because this is another example of the Western MIC creating an enemy. But this alliance of China Russia etc is equally not real, and giving credence to it as a reality is playing their game.

    When I put up the movie I looked for credentials, who is “”stormcloudsgathering”? Nothing. This might mean nothing on the internet but it was always something to me that gave credence to the position someone was taking. Infiltration of the left was something that people often discussed when I was active politically.Considering the amounts of profit the MIC makes out of war it is a drop in the ocean to fund such a movie as Road to WW3. I am tempted to take the movie down, but my message is clear – if never read – the alliance presented in the movie does not exist – despite what you say about Syria and Iran. At the moment there is no enemy, although if the media makes enough effort maybe such an enemy will be created. Once created they maybe will be forced to act as one, in much the same way as drone blowback and the “war on terror” are turning peaceful people to violence.

  3. zandtao says:

    To me China is not linked with Tehran, however when the establishment paper the Telegraph states that China is a traditional ally (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/9025789/China-begins-to-turn-against-Iran.html) this only conforms for me that the establishment is trying to create an enemy. On a more factual level the article clearly states the opinion that China is trying to distance itself from Tehran. China is doing business with them (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/china-business/7985812/China-to-build-2bn-railway-for-Iran.html) and would want an infrastructure that would enable trade in the region – perhaps the traditional Silk Road?

    But an alliance for war – that is scare-mongeriing. One can never rule out the power of western war creation but at present the alliance stormcloudgatherings (is paid to?) talks about does not exist.

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