Yooi need help

Posted: 05/05/2013 by zandtao in Health
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I woke up this morning and realised my yooi need help. Yooi is the Thai name for gut bacteria, and it is my view that if the yooi become imbalanced then candida proliferates. Now I believe candida was one of the causes of my migraines, and that if there is excessive expansion of candida from the gut then my migraines will start again. I have noticed occasional tinges in my head but nothing special. But I do feel the candida is expanding.

I noted this morning that the candida feels like the kilesa, both induce apathy, both have a sense of comfort. Is there a symbiosis? By this I mean, does kilesa create the candida and vice versa? It is also interesting to consider this in terms of paticcasamuppada. In that blogentry I listed the steps, where consciousness comes from natural interaction starting with the physical or mental senses. If there is a sense of apathy created by candida then the feelings created might well be kilesa, and consciousness might similarly be affected leading to self. I have been disappointed that after my recent awakening due to Tan Ajaan I have drifted back to the same old comfort habits.

It is stupid but understandable how I let this candida arise. Moving house the chonabot(countryside) gave me a real boost – afterwards I came down with a bang; in some ways discipline did not keep control because of the external chonabot stimuli. Then came the water problem, and my health was seriously knocked back. By the time I realised that the water was damaging my health I had stopped all the fermentation and pickling. For maybe two or three months I have not had fermented foods in my diet; hence the expanding candida. Yesterday I boiled the tea so I have a week to wait for kombucha. I also had decided to try pickling onions and I used some of the vinegar to pickle cucumber. Today I am going to make kimchee so that I eat kimchee every day as part of my evening meal. Recently I have also started eating more bread and the wheat feeds the candida, I am going to stop eating bread until the fermented goods are stabilised in the diet.

Studying Tan Ajaan has made me focussed on the doing and not mental considerations. The doing fits in with the three tenets of Zandtao:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

My self-preoccupation usually takes me further into mind proliferation. Here the doing failed with my diet leading to candida and apathy, straying from my Path. Doing recently has also failed with regards to Chi Gung, I want to harmonise my energy daily and it isn’t happening. The spiritual Path is doing – and not endless contemplation, the opposite of apathy. The mind needs to meditate, do it, that’s enough. I am moving from my previous proliferated position in the direction of mb – although not mb itself, healing develops consciousness. Note I said towards mb as mb focusses on food only when meditation and chi gung are more important – but only in the doing.

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