Healing Plan

Posted: 04/05/2013 by zandtao in Health
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I lost an acquaintance a couple of days ago. He is frustrating because he is one of the worst procrastinators I have seen. He has a cancer problem, I believe that he has previously had an operation on his colon. Fortunately for him he has learned that diet is the cause but he does little about it. Knowing diet is the issue he still drinks and smokes. Because he is western he also relies on “experts” rather than getting on with it himself – procrastination again. Rather than changing he appears to prefer to wait around to discuss with an expert, and this expert has got to be the best – my limited expertise is not enough. As a result he is waiting to start healing himself, but of course the cancer doesn’t wait. When we met he lost his temper with me as I wasn’t accepting his procrastination. It made me sad, he had latched onto a partial answer but wasn’t doing it.

It made me check the Zandtao Healing Plan, and I have updated it’s presentation.

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