Claire Hope Cummings

Posted: 24/02/2013 by zandtao in ONE planet

Here is a nice lady:-

Claire Hope Cummings

I contrast her approach with this:-

On modern servitude

What is the difference? Apart from discussion of “revolution” in the second clip I would say none, I have not asked Constance nor the French anarchist discussing “On modern servitude” whether they consider they are saying anything different. But I ask you. With our current society the only means for overthrowing the 1% is violence, but I do not advocate violence now because there is no way that the people win as there are only a minority who know the problem. And by the time violent revolution would actually succeed, violence would probably not be necessary.

Instead of violence look at this heartfelt snippet:-

Solutions exist as an individual response, a response that does not compromise nor does it accept wage-slavery.

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