Defeating Bad Guys

Posted: 13/12/2012 by zandtao in Insight, Media
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I have just spent a few days watching pulp TV as I have been down with the flu. I can remember movies like 1984 in which the media is totally controlled, and is used to maintain the establishment position. This is the way I feel about what I have just watched. I remember reading somewhere that the only way you can get a balanced view of life is by swithcing off the TV.

There is a TV series called “Covert Affairs”, it is quite pleasant. An all-American female heroine joins the CIA to defend American interests. Now there is potential for exposing some of the illicit actions of CIA history but it promotes the CIA as a family that cares for its own and cares for America. There’s a cute little sideline, she befriends a Mossad agent who drops in lines aboout Israeli retaliatory strikes and so on.

I watched Stargate Atlantis. So this is in another galaxy, but it still presents images and models that would encourage young men to support the US – the West. One of the heroes is a “cute” guy, not a big macho guy, but macho. He fights, wins, stand up for what is right. This series even has a storyline in which there is an overbearing governmental committee who are basically ignored by the action heroes. Good-minded young people might take this action model to imitate.

Growing up in this entertainment environment, what do young people nowadays receive? I have no idea, but it would be so hard to see the truth. I grew up when the control of the entertainment media was much less established, and people of my age rejected all that went before. Thatcher and after have never allowed that to happen, and media control is much more integrated into the establishment. In the 80s there was “A Very Britsh Coup“, not much chance of that happening again. Occasionally movies do question the establishment “Enemy of the State” but there are few that give complete “1%” pictures – some truth there though.

Overall the distance from TV to the truth is phenomenal as is the majority’s perception and reality. This is of course intentional, genuine insightful truth is the only way through this 1% maze. At no stage in my flu-state did I see the 1% represented as bad guys, and certainly at no stage was there any attempt to take action against these bad guys. But to be quite honest why should I expect there to be?

It is when I receive the brunt of establishment pressure do I start to consider how we who have some insight into their machinations behave. I remember the pointless intellectual arguments with the liberationist whose sole purpose in discussion was to get everybody working together his way. I look at others who have gained some insight often ending up fighting each other or equally often failing to pursue their understanding to their rightful conclusion, such conclusions being inimical to many lifestyles, some relationships, bad food and so much more. And yet most demand of people a perception that in truth people cannot possibly develop due to this intense media pressure.

Then we get Buddhists who have some understanding, argue points of dogma, and distance themselves from engagement; I am sure other religions develop similar distractions. In some ways they are right because happiness is closer to their priority but no matter who we are we cannot gain happiness by ignoring the harm that our system does. But then embroiling oneself in a battle with the 1% cannot produce personal harmony or happiness, there has to be a balance between insight and compassion that will lead to happiness. Listening to how to defeat bad guys is never such a way.


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