Sound-byte culture compromise

Posted: 08/10/2012 by zandtao in Health, Insight, ONE planet, Struggle

This is my limited contribution to sound-byte culture. It also gives me an excuse to rant about such a limited culture. Real learning takes time, and it is people we learn from. Ordinary people we spend time with. We learn by having long conversations hashing out problems and deliberating on those problems. In this computer age of social networking the Buddha could have put a facebook page with the 4 Noble Truths, he might well have got many “likes”, and people would pass on to the next flashy sound byte. Unless we engage beyond first impressions the understanding and clarity cannot go inwards.

So here are my sound-byte pages (they will be regularly updated), go there and click “view as slideshow”:-

On health

On politics

On spirituality

I often but not always post these on twitter using twitpic.

Added to Blogroll below.

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