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Posted: 30/09/2012 by zandtao in Finance, ONE planet, Struggle, War

Occasionally there are threads on the internet which bring forth interesting discussion, this is one of them – I began discussion of this thread here. It lost its way because of emotional intellectualism as usual- but not the usual form – a more reasonable form. The topic concerns Israel, and quite obviously Israel is an emotive topic – understandably because there has been so much death and destruction involved in the western powers’ placing of Israel on what was once the land of Palestine. More typical of the idealism that destroys threads on Israel is the entrenched positions, masquerading as reasonableness, of Judy Wohl and Wendy Gilker in this facebook thread, Wendy even quotes books in her emotional entrenchment. I have great sympathy for the Israeli people and the Jews that support them because there are huge amounts of money spent on media and propaganda to keep them in ignorance, and of course Israeli people have died. But in such matters as a human being I consider numbers to be far more important, and far more Palestinians have died. And as the Israeli troops killing the Palestinians are now on what is internationally accepted as Palestinian lands that makes Israel the aggressor whether they consider this aggression a defensive position or not. I say this because I don’t support the position of the Zionist government.

In fact this thread gave me great hope. Prior to this thread I was of the opinion that within Israel there was limited dissent and opposition to the zionist government, I have come away from the discussion with a feeling that there is quite a turmoil of difference within Israel. In the movie Lifting the Veil it describes the bi-partisan US political system, to paraphrase it is an electoral dictatorship with neither party representing the people; this “democratic” model describes British democracy as well. I am getting the feeling that it describes the Israeli system as well. I get the feeling that the Israeli leadership swaps between different Zionist partiesleaving minimal change in policy – typical of the veil described in the movie.

The current agenda for Israel has been set by the Zionists, and I am beginning to suspect that this agenda is not in the interest of Jewish people. Initially this is of course an agenda of the 1% so it is not designed to benefit Jewish people. The rationale for Israel is the existence of a Jewish homeland, no fair-minded person can disagree with that. How much of a legitimate claim they have on Jerusalem I do not know but that is not a stumbling block if approached in the right way.

But a corollary of the rights for a Jewish homeland is the rights of a Kurdish homeland, and then further the rights of indigenous peoples. And then we enter territory that the 1% does not want to go. If people are in the way of their profits then they have to be moved. Certainly indigenous peoples are in the way of such profit, I cannot remember whether accepting Kurdistan is. In order for this can of worms not to be opened (detrimental to the interests of the 1%), Jews are portrayed as a unique case. Hence the need to focus on a past more than 3000 years ago as described in this UN address by Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli academia invests huge amounts of money in establishing the veracity of these historical claims, and then indoctrinates their children at school – thus procreating the aggression from generation to generation. There are academics who present an alternative (see Shlomo Sand clip), but such are infrequent. By presenting these dubious historical rationales the Zionists separate their claims from other displaced peoples, a separation required by the 1%.

Now the 1% agenda for Israel (or at least what was recognised as the 1% post second world war) was that the 1% wanted to disrupt Arabs within the Middle East. Unlike countries in Europe with different histories etc., Arab countries are very closely linked. To think of the Arab countries as Arabia might well be a better way of seeing them, with all the oil Arabia has there was a potential for a power bloc that could rival the emerging US hegemony. Destabilisation was necessary, and with the holocaust there was legitimate sympathy for the Jews. Previous calls for a Jewish homeland had been ignored but it suited the 1% in 1948 to insert Israel into Arabia.

But just to ensure that there was maximum destabilisation this insertion was carried out violently. Arabs from Palestine were forcibly removed from their homes, and Jews were transplanted there. And so out of anti-Arab violence grew the state of Israel. Ever since then Israel has continued to expand. Wars have been fought to establish that expansion, and even when their war conquests were ratified internationally in 1967 Israel has continued to expand by seeding settlements in Palestine creating an occupation of continuing violence as Israeli soldiers defend the settlements on Palestinian land.

In order to achieve this continued aggression (and destabilisation) vast amounts of money were needed to fuel the war. The 1%, as in the US MIC, is quite happy to make profits from this military expenditure. In this movie the final part describes how Israel has received $100 billion from the US (and how much from elsewhere):-

In order to gain this funding the 1% needed the US to be compliant, and so the 1% media have reacted. The purpose of the movie is to describe how this media indoctrination takes place in the US. (please ignore the professor who presents the UK as a bastion of media fairness!).

As usual in global conflicts it is the interference of western powers that establishes the continuity of the struggles. Without the money being poured into Israel Israel would have to recognise a limited boundary for the Jewish homeland, because they would not have the hardware for the aggression. I don’t believe the majority of Arabs would want to kick out a non-aggressive Israel, they are all semitic peoples together (whatever that means). But we will never find this out whilst the West pours in vast amounts of money to support the aggression. There was never a solution in Ireland until Blair nailed his sail to non-funding of the Protestant minority; mostly peace has followed. The West is the cause of the violence surrounding Israel, take away that western support (mostly US) and the ordinary people of the region might reach a solution. But that solution would not suit the 1% with its need for destabilisation and war profits, so it is not likely to happen.

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