Genetic Roulette

Posted: 24/09/2012 by zandtao in Health
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GM foods crop up throughout my consideration of food and its relationship to disease, but I haven’t particularly focussed on GM, primarily because being British and living in Thailand GM foods don’t cross my path. But then I watch this film and I look at the way this movie portrays the connection of some disease with GM, it makes me ask the questions:-

How much GM produce have I eaten? – in the UK – on my travels?
How much has GM contributed to my lifestyle diseases?”

The real issue is of course the US but GM has expanded giving a problem in South Africa and India, and I have seen stuff about South America. How far does it go elsewhere? Thailand has a non-GM policy but there is a Monsanto office in Bangkok. Why? Whilst I would actually trust Thais to fight GM, I would not believe their government would fight it off. And Monsanto throw money at their problems so a Thai government would not get in the way.

I search out organic produce but in truth it is only 50%. But the GM foods affect processed more than what I eat, so I would feel relatively safe. But it is a real worry, watch the movie to see why.

Genetic Roulette
The movie is also available at Forbidden Knowledge

Addendum 11/10/13

This clip was sent by BrasschecksTV, reporters explaining how their news was killed. Not unexpected – just factual:-

  1. zandtao says:

    In 1998 a scientist discovered the real problems with GM. He was in a “”respected” UK establishment and was sacked:-

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