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Posted: 10/09/2012 by zandtao in Democracy, Finance, ONE planet, Struggle
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Nothing special, just simple straight-forward truth.

But then it starts on about awakening, and it goes off into fantasy. It talks about sustainable development and One planet – as ideas. How can this happen when the 1% have the power? It realms off into futuristic science as if science will provide an answer, when the decision-makers who control the science are only interested in profit – profit is in the financial realm. There are many wonderful ideas around but what ideas get put into practice? Those that produce profit for the 1%. When will they learn that ideas are not a solution. All these diffuse ideas moving into realms of fantasy will achieve little if there is no recognition of the relationship between power and the actuation of ideas. Focusing on ideas through Carl Sagan and TED at the end is typical of idealism without power. The 60s was a world of ideas, they were wonderful – all we need is love. And what did we get because they had no power – increasing power to the 1%, a world with more wars and greater devestation, and many of the aware continue to dabble with proliferating ideas.

It is time that we moved away from the academics who are paid to proliferate ideas, they have been the tools of the 1% for long enough. We need to enact the ideas that promote the interests of people. What was presented as awareness and the future in this movie will not do that, however good many of the ideas are.

The Charlie Chaplin Hitler figure talked about the power of people uniting, and the movie finishes with “We are ONE planet”. Fine, cannot happen without thinking about power and how we contribute to that power. All aware people need to confront the issue of power and see how they can respond. Instead academics in our institutions continue to provide the science and technology that enable the profits of the 1%, they continue to provide business academics who support the finance system with their ideas. They all have jobs and comfortable existences whilst their institutions are part of the problem. Is this not something worth considering? Is this not part of the 1% system?

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