A conclusion on HIV and AIDS

Posted: 07/09/2012 by zandtao in Big Pharma, Health

I realised part way through the first blog that I had come across something that was taking on too much. In the first blog there is the movie “The Other Side of AIDS”, and it is directed by Robin Scovill. A leading protagonist in Aids Denialism was Christine Maggiore, Robin’s wife – featured in the film, she died of a disease that fits into the AIDS category, they lost a 3-year-old to a disease that also fits into the same category. The establishment HIV-protagonists associate both deaths as an indeminification that HIV causes AIDS – of the kind they died of AIDS because they did not take HIV treatment. Logically this does not follow but it clearly is a powerful argument.

One of the leading AIDS denialists is Duesberg “he also questions the proposition that the cause of AIDS is the retrovirus HIV. He has referred to the AIDS virus as a harmless “passenger” virus, just another virus among many living parasitically in the human body, and he claims that a positive HIV test is merely a viral marker (and not indicative of the cause) indicating immune system damage. In his opinion, based upon exhaustive research, AIDS is an immune deficiency disorder caused by overuse of recreational drugs and a lifestyle that burns the candle at both ends, including promiscuous sex. Eventually, the immune system collapses.”

Learn more at Natural News.

Now in my first blog I spoke of my experiences in Africa. Botswana did not have a drug culture as we have in the West, there is however some marijuana. But a typical bash lasts through the night and drunkenness (alcoholicism) was highly prevalent. It would definitely qualify as “candle at both ends, including promiscuous sex”.

What still rankles with me is the way AIDS strikes people, there was a pattern to its progression. You would hear of people “getting AIDS”, they would lose the ability to retain nutrition, get thinner and die from an umbrella of diseases that an immune system would normally cope with. It seemed that it progressed like a disease although AIDS, “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, is by definition not one. Can this apparent disease progression be accepted as immune system failure caused by burning “candle at both ends, including promiscuous sex” and drugs? This feeling that it was a disease then made me think there was a medical cure ie usually pharmaceuticals, and then along comes the HIV connection. It is so convenient and eminently profitable, yet the HIV connection has never been proved. I can remember in Africa having the notion that “50% of people with HIV developed AIDS”, and I accepted this as sufficiently causative. Now I don’t. But even with my clear distrust of BigPharma I find it hard to accept such a scam as inventing the connection between HIV and AIDS for profit. However such a scam is consistent with other establishment medical practices (see my many blogs on cancer or my health page).

On Africa Duesberg says this “In Africa 23 million HIV-positives generate per year 75,000 AIDS patients, ie. 1 AIDS case per 300 HIV-positives.” This does not ring true to me. I find it hard to believe that there were only 75000 AIDS deaths in Botswana alone during the 90s when I was there. Maybe his figures were masked by the shame factor because people never admitted they had AIDS – whatever that means.

Here is a podcast interview with Peter Duesberg – scroll down to 6 November 09 part one “What killed Christine Maggiore?” Duesberg comes across as aggressive. Part two with David Crowe could also be interesting – 20 November 09.

But after all this deliberation how can I say there is a conclusion?

This movie is worth watching as it makes everything very clear:-

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW – everything they say about HIV and AIDS is unclear, it’s as simple as that. They don’t know:-

What AIDS is?
If HIV causes AIDS?
How to test for HIV?

And they give you drugs, AZT and others, that can kill you. I used to deride the superstitions of the Africans including my friend’s girlfriend, but they were nearer the truth. Mbeki was nearer the truth, yet now it appears that in SA they are spending a huge amount of money on the unproven HIV hypothesis.

When I was critical of the promiscuity I was correct but for the wrong reasons. The little voice inside me that said that I wouldn’t catch AIDS because I was healthy was right. But I was a fool. I didn’t burn the candle at both ends, but I didn’t know. I didn’t live healthily. My diet was crap, and I was at risk. So when I breathed a sigh of relief when I left Botswana because I had escaped without AIDS, it was a correct sigh but based on ignorance. I was just lucky.

All about AIDS is a scandal, THEY JUST DON’T KNOW. Eat healthily.

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