Vegan Bill Clinton

Posted: 01/09/2012 by zandtao in Health

Bill Clinton on almost vegan:-

First mentioned two years ago here

Added 7/9/12

Here is a clip of Michelle Pfeiffer, she apparently went vegan following Bill Clinton – the more the merrier.

This refers to a documentary “The Last Heart Attack”, here is the documentary.

  1. naivelysage says:

    Interesting. I also watched Getting as close to a vegan diet as possible does seem the way to go. It means letting go of some food addictions … I no longer feel a need to have milk with coffee but cheese is difficult to let go of. With my better diet and exercise I’ve lost about 7 pounds in the last 2 months but still a way to go.

    • zandtao says:

      Yes that’s the “here” clip. Glad to hear your diet is improving, I am sure it is contributing to your ability to exercise – few at your age (including me) would bother with 10-mile runs. It is worth trying to detoxify completely (cheese and whatever else) because your body is still dealing with the years of misuse as well. They say it takes 7 years to regenerate completely. My diet is now 6 years on, and I am down to BMI – a good indicator as to health – no excess toxins present.

      Cheese is also the addiction I have a problem with, and I do indulge it occasionally. My Thai teacher likes pizzas but she has no-one to eat them with – maybe once a month. But a healthy body can cope with that – but I often feel a slight weariness after eating it.

      I recently went a bit raw and that feels good – more than 50%. It’s like eating pure nutrition. Your body isn’t wasting other energy on the food, it is just trying to get the nutrients. They say heating food destroys many of the enzymes needed for getting the nutrition. I seem to remember you enjoyed salads often though. If you still eat out there are some good healthy restaurants in London, perhaps not in Newham though.

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