Crazy Sexy Cancer

Posted: 26/08/2012 by zandtao in Big Food, Big Pharma, Health
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I have just watched “Crazy Sexy Cancer”, and I found it fascinating and not decisive. This is good. Far too often I am too black-and-white, this way is right, that way is wrong.

Kris Carr explores the world of cancer therapies, not as I from an academic blog point of view, but from the real life point of view that she has cancer and she wanted to deal with it. In the end she did – so far. She got what she wanted – a “normal life”. A marriage that hopefully lasts, and maybe children.

The reason I looked at her was because I found her through tapping – not mentioned once in her film but discussed in her vlog, that she was one of the Oprah solutions, and generally I thought she was young vibrant so I wanted to know what she was saying. Well that kind of came out in the movie, it was personal with blues and so on.

I was kind of left in the air as there was no conclusion. Kris had done all the right food things by my book – although maybe she was still drinking. I really disliked the macrobiotics I saw, it looked like a regimented hell, and nothing like the mb I practice. I spend time in the kitchen, time I could never spend when working, but not to that extent. And my food is nowhere near so specialised, but I never went to a counsellor nor have I suffered from cancer.

She had a number of videologs that I put together, here they are:-

Kris Carr vlog

Here is a video introduction to tapping:-

About tapping

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