Tribute to Gore Vidal

Posted: 02/08/2012 by zandtao in Insight

Sadly Gore Vidal died Tuesday, condolences to his family. He is one of them who became one of us, so he is worth reading because he knows the inside. Here is a page of his clips from the Real News:-


Here is a short clip of his talking on Democracy Now, I should have remembered that to understand the US and the Founding Fathers I should listen to Gore Vidal. “Inventing a Nation” is a book I should get hold of to counter the stringent dogmatic idealism of libertarianism.

Here are Gore Vidal’s essays on Truthdig.

In The Nation and in The Nation blog.

Common Dreams circulated his writing from

The Nation

An epistle to a new era from Granta.

Some quotes from the Guardian. More quotes from Goodreads.

He was more from a book era than this limited short-attention span where people cannot be bothered to watch a movie because it is too long – a 5-minute clip can give you a sound byte summary that is enough???

Anyway here is an Ali G sound byte with him.

Hopefully there will be sufficient tributes that can enable us to hear his wisdom.

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