Intuitive Eating

Posted: 27/07/2012 by zandtao in Big Food, Health, Insight
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I have come across this approach to eating before but at the time I did I felt that the counsellor who was using the approach was watering down the more unpalatable aspects (unpalatable to those on an addicted diet) in order to keep customers. In this clip Paul Risse discusses intuitive eating:-

This gelled a lot with me – although the first time I watched it I fell asleep! Intuitive wisdom is something I believe a great deal in. I am a Buddhist primarily because I practise insight meditation, and there is no doubt at all that insight meditation and intuitive wisdom are the same. I can remember on my healing journey that there would be times in meditation that I would recognise a change in diet was needed. Another thing that has registered much with me after watching the clip is addiction. Craving and addiction are part of a core understanding of Buddhism, but it seems to me that some food approaches don’t recognise how much our bodies are addicted to the rubbish that BigFood shoves down us. Coca-cola containing cocaine originally is not the only form of food addiction that BigFood uses, what is sugar but addiction?

His detox start is excellent but seriously drastic – 90 days raw food diet. I am sure by the end of that the body will have got rid of any of its sugar addictions. I remember an mb friend telling me he followed a brown rice diet at the beginning of his mb life, and this taught him how to recognise the yin-yang in foods. This yin-yang is a part of mb I have never addressed but I am sure it is good for him.

I also like the way Paul connects the food to the environment. I have no doubts at all that food and lifestyle are connected. I do not believe I could ever have changed my diet whilst teaching and bringing home all that stress. My environment and lifestyle are now much more chill, and eating healthily blends easily into that life. I have previously seen lifestyle as restrictive, preventing the change to a healthy diet because of family or business commitments, but Paul is suggesting that the more “unnatural clutter” our lives have the less we want to eat naturally. Albeit he said this on a You-Tube clip as he said in an aircon house. This is not loincloth back to Nature but there has to be a harmony.

And as soon as I talk of harmony I think of the Path, Path is the symbiosis of the diet and lifestyle. It kind of points to the possibility that healthy eating occurs for those on the Path and conversely contemprary hi-tech lifestyles are not on the Path. The Path has an inbuilt sufficiency to it so in some ways that would follow. I considered that at least in part my teaching was a Path but healthy eating didn’t harmonise with that. It might well harmonise with my new part-time status – although that has had a bad start.

Intuitive wisdom applied to eating is something I like, and fundamentally there is more nutrition in the way Nature gives you the food – this is just Insight. More raw?

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