Posted: 11/07/2012 by zandtao in Big Food

I have been considering the health of eating eggs as part of my diet evaluation – I stopped eating eggs when I started my health diet. Whilst I would consider it a possibility it is unlikely that I will eat eggs because I am unlikely to be able to find eggs produced in a suitable healthy environment.

First of all however I want to consider the issue of protein; we can obtain enough protein from a plant-based diet so it is not necessary to eat animal products. In the movie “Delicate Balance” they quite clearly show that diets with too much animal protein cause disease. I already eat fish food once a week, usually mussels as they are good for old people like me. So to eat an egg would be to add to that protein.

To ask about eggs I went to this facebook group and asked the question. Amongst the many answers it became clear to me that a healthy egg contains good nutrition, but where is there a healthy egg? As with other labelling BigFood has misappropraited the terminology to divert genuine health seekers into buying inappropriate foods. In my view “free range” ought to mean locally-produced by natural means in an open environment ie a male fertilising the eggs.

At this page, it was quite clear to me that BigFood offered none of that. I cannot see how any egg produced in such conditions can possibly contain the nutrition Nature intended.

Eggs are not a big issue for me but if someone were to show me that they had a source of appropriately prodeced eggs I would add the occasional egg to my diet.

Update 30/7/12

I have just read this article from ABC news:-


What it makes clear is that eggs are dangerous, and that the labelling is mostly misleading. It examines 10 different labels used in the US, and shows that most are meaningless. The article also respects FDA standards, something which I don’t as the FDA is 1% controlled – check this movie. The only source of good eggs is one that you know and can rely on. I thought I had found two such sources – from my suppliers of organic vegetables, but when I got home they were already hard-boiled – better but not exactly what I wanted.

Corollary 9/2/13

I have found a source of free range eggs at Aden’s – her hens wander her farm – lucky. Unfortunately I have recently had my blood checked. I don’t understand fully but it is one of the ldl/hdl that is the worry – they were fine. Something called cholesterol was 215 instead of 200. I have been eating too much fish and eggs. I am down to 4 a week – 2 on Thursday and 2 on Saturday. Cut out fish but still eat mussels.

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