Posted: 06/07/2012 by zandtao in Finance
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I have a paypal account, it seems a useful way of making payments and picking up money earning from websites (something I don’t do). I have become concerned about decisions that they make. The first one concerned wikileaks. Wikileaks was effectively squashed because people were unable to make payments. Credit cards not being able to make payments I can understand, they are integrated into the banking system. I had not seen paypal as one of these “bankers”, but clearly they are.

But I have just read this Torrent Freak article about Paypal and the porn industry. Whatever one’s attitude to porn is, one thing that is generally accepted is that porn moguls are little better than criminals. Now this might be a value judgement but really someone who makes a fortune out of porn is not socially acceptable.

Yet based on this article, for Paypal they respond to requests from a porn king to block a cyberlocker. There would be many people who might call for Paypal to be blocked from paying the porn industry, but it is clear that Paypal are making more money from the porn industry than to worry about complaints from the “righteous” who want to restrict porn. I don’t want to make too many comments about the morality of porn but what is clear about the porn industry is that it has a strong criminal element attached to it. These people do function as predators on young women who run away from home to seek excitement in the big city. Such bastions of civilisation have Paypal at their beck and call. Paypal won’t make payments to putlocker. What proportion of putlocker’s files are porn? My putlocker files are not. Effectively this predatory porn-crime is considered less severe than the possibility of copyright infringement. Bear in mind that Paypal are not saying they will refuse to pay Putlocker for established copyright infringement, they are not paying them period.

I know in our 1%-society we have our priorites wrong, profit first people a long way second. But isn’t supporting porn in this way a step too far?

Isn’t it time there was another safe way of online payment other than Paypal? Bitcoin appears to be a community-currency orientated approach but I have never got inside it.

Update 26/7/12:-

Fascinating update on this porn issue. Above I said “this predatory porn-crime is considered less severe than the possibility of copyright infringement”. But can there be copyright infringement with porn? In this Torrentfreak article someone has filed a harassment lawsuit against Hard Drive productions – a porn outfit – citing that porn cannot be copyrighted because according to “Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, known as the Copyright Clause, empowers the United States Congress: ‘To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries,”. Whatever one’s view of porn it does not merit copyright on the grounds of “Progress of Science and useful arts”.

In their greed the 1%-media industry are contorting themselves into all kinds of “criminal” alliance, and Paypal are complying – as appears the other financial behemoths – the credit card companies.

  1. naivelysageg says:

    Paypal is definitely part of the Establishment and is therefore bound to take the side of those who make money from porn rather than those who seek to distribute it freely. Since cheating bankers and arms manufacturers are considered to be ‘socially acceptable’ while loan sharks and illegal gun dealers are not I would expect people who make loads of money off porn to be considered socially acceptable while street pimps are not even though these people are essentially in the same industries.

    The attack on Putlocker because of free porn distribution seems weird since free porn is easily accessible on many YouTube clone sites. Putlocker is better known I think for the distribution of US TV network episodes. Maybe these networks are using porn guy as muscle to do what might make them unpopular if they were to do it.

    Using Paypal, like using high street banks is convenient which is why I use them. But I agree it would be worth looking at other, more community oriented services.

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