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Posted: 02/07/2012 by zandtao in Democracy, Struggle

Since the 1%, MPAA and their “legal system”, illegally shut down megaupload (and other cyberlockers voluntarily closed down), I have started looking at torrents. Way back the scare tactics put me off, as I had picked up a rumour that torrents were full of viruses. But since I have started using them I have found them quicker, both to start the download – no messing with timers and captures, and quicker to download. As a result I have started to maketorrents available for the movies on my blog. Because my blog is widely read the torrents will spreadlike wildfire (slightly tongue-in-cheek), so reader you have a lot of torrenting to do.

What is the legal situation with torrents? A torrent is legal, and is just a method of file-sharing, both publicly and privately. What is illegal, no what breaks the 1% rules concerning copyright, is whether the file that the torrent is used to share is copyrighted. This is supposedly the same for cyberlockers, but ask some of the subscribers to megaupload. Their files are personal and private but the MPAA “legal system” has still confiscated them.

I don’t know all the torrent clients but I use µ-torrent and the hardest thing about it was finding the µ.

In this blog I advocated “Go Pirate” as grass roots democracy, my torrents are all grass roots and democratic. Go Pirate!

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