Water – You are what you drink.

Posted: 18/06/2012 by zandtao in Health

(A caution – Whilst I am seriously concerned about nutrition and health I am not qualified. If any of this blog strikes a positive chord with you, seek out your own sources for confirmation and make your own decision.)

I read yet another article that said we would get enough water from a plant-based diet so I decided to write this. I now disagree with this advice (mb and others) that revolves around the notion that we will get enough water from the drinks etc. that come with the diet.

I was advised by my Thai massage doctor, one of Vandana Shiva’s Grannies – a treasure trove of traditional Thai knowledge, to drink 8 glasses of water per day; in fact the Mayo clinic advises similar. She said it would promote the sen, chi for most people; that sold me. At the time I was also looking into raw foods, and a raw food guy, David Wolfe, said to drink 1 litre in the morning. As my massage Grannie said warm water, I take a litre flask to bed ready for a slow wake-up in the morning as I consume a litre of water. When we wake up we need to urinate – even waking early sometimes to do this. This is a natural function, it is the body getting rid of toxins by passing water. By consuming the extra litre in the morning we aid the body because then the water goes round and round picking up extra toxins and getting rid of them. This increased circulation is good for the body and I see it connected with the chi.

This has been a forced change of consumption. Previously if there was water there I would drink it but if I needed a drink I would drink something else – healthy but something else. My system was completely dehydrated but because my food intake was good I wasn’t seeing the problem. Except with mucus. I had, and still have, a mucus problem, and I am convinced that it has been “dried up” in my system over the years, buried somewhere and therefore a potential for cancer growth. Again because my diet is now so good I wasn’t seeing the problem. This dehydration issue I suspect stemmed from my problem of alcoholism. As any drinker knows alcohol severely affects the way we experience thirst, and thirst becomes correlated with the need for a drink. Waking in the morning after a drinking bout would leave me thirsty, and if I had the sense at the time I would drink high vitamin C drinks. I have never drunk water, and that is why the water from a plant-based diet was such a misdirection for me. My thirst still hasn’t balanced out, and I cannot trust it.

Since starting the water I have obviously noticed an increase in urination. This of course is a kidney worry, something I noticed the other day. Being concerned about a slight pain, I avoided the water but felt thirsty and the kidney pain went away after drinking. I have concluded that although there is increased urination and therefore increased pressure on the kidneys 2 litres is natural and the kidneys will come to terms with it. I will definitely amend this if that turns out not to be true for me.

But this has not been the only change. My stools were loose for a couple of weeks but have settled down now – getting rid of some toxins. But there has been another detox, I have experienced “sensitive stomachs”. I see this as detox because I see it connected to the GERD. The worst of these was two weeks ago, a couple of weeks after I started on the water. This sensitive stomach lasted two days, and came with a loss of appetite. I felt the same this morning, and that was the additional prompt to write this blog. This morning’s feeling has now gone (2.00 pm), I have completed the litre and had my usual carrot juice and sesame seeds for the stomach’s enzymes.

It angers me that I let this water dehydration continue for so long because of the potential danger. I am also angered at the advice that a plant-based diet will provide you with sufficient water. We need to drink water. We are water, water needs to circulate in the body and water is a process of detox. We need to drink water on its own, water in other drinks is not enough. It is better to reduce the other drinks so that you become comfortable with the 2 litres water. Fortunately I have always used filtered water – a necessity as I live in Thailand, and recently bought a filter machine that gives you water with a pH higher than 7.2. Now that I am drinking 2 litres of water my pH is even better

As a high proportion of your body is water it is important to recognise that “You are what you drink”, and drink water.

A Thai friend was persuaded to drink water, but chose not to drink 2 litres. I weigh 80 kg and she must weigh about 10kg. Here is a water calculator. For me it says just over 3 litres. I am comfortable with that, 2 litres of water and more than a litre of other drinks such as rejuvelac, kombucha tea, carrot and sesame juice, green (chlorophyll) juice and kvas (see my post on making drinks count).

You are what you drink.

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