Let’s not divide ourselves

Posted: 16/06/2012 by zandtao in Democracy, Struggle

I got involved in another interesting thread with Greg, and we reached a consensus “Libertarians accept free association of individuals in any capacity that they choose voluntarily. So if a group wants to have common ownership of a piece of land together free of government and wants to call it socialism, I have no problem with that. The problem is that if you try to communicate with the public and use that definition of socialism, then you are not going to be very successful because they won’t understand you. Of course you can try to modify their concept of socialism if that is your goal, and if it is I wish you well. You’ll never run out of something to do. :)” Yet this thread began with this picture:-

The thread began with division and ended with unity. Isn’t this the wrong way round? At the beginning of the thread there is a critique of the socialists of the 99% by a libertarian of the 99% effectively supporting the interests of the 1%.

Now I know Greg does not support the 1%, and was presenting this picture (in part) to warn against government but the picture does not say socialist government, it says socialists. In the quote Greg challenges me to change the perception of socialism. That is issueing a challenge against the 1% media, I cannot win. But whilst I don’t agree with some of his liberatarian positions, no blog or mb question from me would present an attack on libertarianism per se. I would say, and have said, that Reagan’s deregulation of the economy has led to the current economic crisis we are in, but that does not mean that I disagree with all that libertarianism has doneor stands for. I don’t want to disagree with people because we have differences I want to work with people where we have commonality and try to do something about the real enemy, the 1%, corporatism, corporatocracy, that controls our governments, law and education, profits by poisoning our food, profits by selling us water that Nature has given us, and so on. Whilst we focus on our ideals and not on where we have common agreement the 1% wins.

I learnt this most when I was a socialist activist. Union meetings would be dominated by sectarian divisions, divisions that if they were examined by the majority of people would not be recognised as anything different. Whilst we focus on division we are the puppets of the 1%.

Now I contend that the governments of the USSR and China were not socialist, Cuba has more to offer but to describe it as socialist would not fit in with my limited understanding of marxism. But what about the socialists who live in NATO countries? What do these socialists do? They work within their own organisations and within the mass movement. Where do most people contact with them? In the mass movement organisations. And what do they do there? They work mostly as grass roots activists trying to better the interests of the mass movement against the interests of the 1% or corporatism. For the most part this is what they do, grass roots activism. Their tactics might not always be good, their approach might in some cases be alienating, but what they are trying to do is work for the interests of the mass movement at the grass roots level against the interests of the 1%.

So why do we allow ourselves to be divided against these people along minimal divisions? These grass roots socialist activists might believe in socialist government, but NOW their interests align with the 99% as are the professed interests of libertarianism because the 1% are the most powerful reducers of our freedom and liberties. A socialist government in the US, this is not happening in the next …., so why fight against them?

Let’s take the issue of deregulation. Whilst I can never support deregulation of the 1% – get rid of the 1% and I more than likely would support deregulation, what about deregulation of the 99%? In general no problem. After all the law is designed by the 1% to allow them to do what they want and repress the 99%. This can so clearly be seen in the US with the horrific repression of the Occupy movement, people standing up and saying thath the 1% have taken homes, bailouts etc. Work together on common ground rather than highlighting idealistic differences.

The 1% divides and rules, we need to fight this by working together in commonality.

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