Dangers of Press TV

Posted: 04/06/2012 by zandtao in Finance, Media

Read this article on yet another Nigerian plane crash:-

Nigerian crash

Now the article is written as reporting, and in my view this bit of reporting appears unbiassed – similar to this BBC report. Here is my analysis concerning the crashes, I am no expert but I lived in Nigeria for two years. Nigeria has for a long time been fighting corruption, and this corruption often takes the form of moneys being allocated for particular needs disappearing into private bank accounts – a bit like bailout money disappearing into the accounts of bankers but in Nigeria all the rich appear to be doing it. Corruption is an endemic problem that good Nigerians have been trying to fight for years – sadly failing. In the case of plane crashes that happen regularly there is a corruption reason for this, the money provided for maintenance is being pocketed. Nigeria is a big country and plane travel is essential to get around. When I was there 2004-05 I remember a plane crash killing schoolchildren.

As I said in this case you cannot fault the reporting, if you read this BBC article it has more detail but its tone is similar. Now I would like you to look at the comments. Now I have no idea whether those comments were made by Iranians, in which case I consider seeing US plots everywhere is a reasonable response to the US “attacks” on Iran. But what if these people were from elsewhere? In my view they are fostering anti-US feeling based on false facts. When in Nigeria I lived in Lagos, the Christian centre of Nigeria. There was an uneasy harmony between Christian and Muslim, in my department of 3 the head was a Buddhist, one was Muslim and the other Christian. On the ground religion is a dominant factor in Nigerian daily life, many are devout. But to see the US in this?

In some ways it is legit to see US tentacles, but as neocolonialism. The country is corrupt because of the money and oil, but to say that there is direct US involvement in these crashes? Whilst US interests are in keeping the country unstable there is no need for the US to create the crashes, they happen regularly.

There is no opinion in this PRESS-tv report, but if there were it might well lean towards that of the readership – the comments. That would be so dangerous. The truth needs to win the hearts and minds of the 99% to stamp out the heinous crimes of the 1%. Presenting bias as news presents the 1% media with an opportunity to create further divisions of the 99%, and as such I always implore activists to check their truth. Not enough do. What is actually true is enough to expose the 1% for the harm they do, there is no need for lies. Whilst I understand the Iranian government-sponsored tactics of this propoganda tv and in truth I sympathise, in the long term it doesn’t help. Only the truth helps.

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