Zandtox – Adult ADD?

Posted: 28/05/2012 by zandtao in Big Pharma, Health

Does your mind spin round and round?

Does your nose itch?

Do your muscles ache after you do exercise?

Do you bruise when you bang yourself?

Do you get fat when you eat too much sugar?

Do you get lines as you get older?

Do you feel restless and agitated after argueing?

If any of these things happen to you, then you need to try zandtox. Zandtox (© Zandtao) is a wonderful new drug that will solve all of these problems. It does have side effects but no more than any other drug – see below, but it will get rid of all the above problems just like that. One pill and you will never have any of the above symptoms ever again.

I have done extensive research into Zandtox, and all my results showed that people suffering from all the above debilitating complaints had their problems minimised. I asked Bill Mandtao, and he said “I used to have all of the above but now they don’t cause me any problems at all, but ….”. “Thanks Bill, moving on”. Now some of you will have used the fantastic Zandtostic (© Zandtao), and we are sure it will have helped you. But then we improved it, and now we call it Zandtox. You pay a bit more for the extra benefits, but we are sure you will think it is worth it – we are quite happy to charge you more because we know you will think it is worth it (FDZ have approved it so your insurance will pay). Ask your doctor about Zandtox.

Below The medicines we take and the lifestyle we choose including eating foods that BigFood have put toxins in can lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and others for the majority of people.

All of the above is so crass no-one could ever believe it :-

Watch Big Bucks Big Pharma.

Be aware though that this movie is talking about the bias in Big Pharma. Many of the people in the movie are angered about the current practices of Big Pharma, but they are not against pharmaceuticals. So when watching please bear in mind that many nutritionists claim that at least lifestyle diseases can be helped through nutrition alone – maybe we don’t need chemicals.

  1. […] I have noted this BigPharma profiteering approach before in discussing Marketing Madness, Psychotropic drugs kill, and in the skit Zandtox – Adult ADD?. […]

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