Posted: 18/05/2012 by zandtao in Big Food, Health

I have just watched this movie, Fresh, torrent here , and it just focuses on the farming . It is US, made by farmers – it is probably made by a small farmers’ organisation, and it is not an attack on the farmers themselves. So you don’t see some of the callous behaviour that you see in other movies. This is about what farmers are forced to do to survive in an industry controlled by BigFood, it barely mentions the health problems of eating the toxins in processed food. Iowa is just a landscape of fields of corn and soy, yet the main farmer, Joel, grows all sorts on his farm. The monoculture on the other farms is a problem that brings with it disease, you do see some of that disease in the movie from the factory farms – but there isn’t the focus. They talk about the drugs and this for me is the most frightening, the cocktail of drugs necessary to keep the animals alive in factory farming must have an impact on what we eat. And cows are herbivores, I grew up in the suburbs seeing the cows in the nearby farm chewing the cud. I went hiking to see the cows chewing away on the grass, but in the factory farms they are fed dead cows. What happens to the meat fed this unnatural way. Joel said he tried to organise his farm the way Nature intended, what’s wrong with that?

In truth I cannot recommend the diet these guys live off, even with a sustainable farm it is still not best to consume the amount of animal protein these people consume (see Delicate Balance).

The movie was a lesson to me to pursue more vigorously organic where possible. Go organic!

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